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Watching Over Me 3/29

Watching Over Me 3/29 published on 8 Comments on Watching Over Me 3/29

Sigrún: If they did catch us spying, it’s likely sir Thorn won’t rent Leif again . . .

Ludolf: He’s already scheduled another order.

All our recordings suggest that Thorn’s attachment to Leif is genuine, and growing. Even if he suspects us, he won’t suspect Leif, and will want to keep seeing him. That’s why I brought this to you in the first place. There has to be a way we can use it.

Sigvard: If this guy won’t suspect your servant is spying on him . . . can’t you just order the servant to spy on him? Then you’d have a backup in case of . . . tech issues.

Ludolf: Pfft. If only it was that easy.

Servants aren’t crystals. You can’t just re-program them so they’re capable of doing anything you need. Even if in some ways Leif is . . . more programmable than most.

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I’m really interested to see where this relatively short arc will take us in the short or long run.

Now I’m worried what kind of expectations I’ve set up for myself, that readers look at a 29-strip arc and think “relatively short”….

Okay, maybe not THAT short. I’m thinking compared to Landslide and the other longer one(s?), especially with the one we just came off of I.e. shopping + date.

Well, you got me curious, so I went through and got all the numbers.

Shopping + date – 98 total
Landslide – 75
Masquerade – 66
Not-date #1 – 64
Fish Story – 41
Rowan flashback – 33
**Current storyline – 29
Tentacles – 27
Intro – 24
Bar night – 21
Recovery – 21
Evaluation – 18
Spring clothes – 16
Family dinner – 14
Hedge & Grassie – 10
WiB 4koma – 7

It’s not one of the huge substantial arcs, but it’s longer than the median, and 2-3 times as long as the very shortest storylines.

(There’s an even tinier one in the queue at this point…but more on that later.)

You are my soul animal (human?). That is exactly what I would do. Well, then scientifically, I should say that I wonder what’s going to happen in this storyline and at what pace, considering the arc length. 😊 Also, why do you have to tease us!

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