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Watching Over Me 5/29

Watching Over Me 5/29 published on 4 Comments on Watching Over Me 5/29

Embassy Guard Office.

Thorn: First off, a warm welcome back to guard duty for Sir Birch Persil.

Juniper: Went with Annie’s name in the end, eh?

Birch: Yeah . . . I have a ton of siblings, and she’s an only child. It felt right.

Peach: Which means it’s time for the final re-retirement of Sir Peach.

Rowan: Ah, I bet we’ll need you again before you know it.

Thorn: Hopefully that won’t happen too soon. And since we’re all together . . . Except Marula, and, well, she’s Marula. Even though the anniversary is next week . . . Let’s take a moment for the remembrance now.

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