After Dark: Introduction

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Welcome to the Leif & Thorn sexy sub-site. (In more ways than one…) Here be artwork and bonus comics that are too racy for the main archive. Not everything will actually be NSFW, but if you’re a minor, you should head back to the main Leif & Thorn site now. For an archive of characters… Continue reading After Dark: Introduction

Quiet Night of Fantasizing

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Leif settles in for a quiet night of . . . Leif: Hmm . . . . . . fantasizing. Thorn (fantasy): Leif . . . ♥ Leif (thinking): Not what I meant to imagine!! . . . also, I’ve never seen Thån’s bare torso, but it probably has more scars. Thorn (fantasy): Leif .… Continue reading Quiet Night of Fantasizing