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Juniper/Del – ‘Studying’ while the roommate is out

Juniper/Del – ‘Studying’ while the roommate is out published on No Comments on Juniper/Del – ‘Studying’ while the roommate is out

Sexy art challenge, #19 — “Studying” in a dorm room while the roommate is out.

Look, the swords come out of your chest, so clearly the way to get one is to do a lot of slow groping in that area. That’s just good strategy!

Tried to make this fit kinda-logically in the Leif & Thorn timeline. This is the early stages of heartsword training. Juniper just got their top surgery, while The Future Agent Eventually Known As Delphinium isn’t even telling people her actual gender yet.


D: So I hear Thorn’s away this weekend…want to stay in late and work on drawing each other’s heartswords?
Juniper: Can’t hurt to try! …okay, it could hurt. Be careful around the surgery scars.

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