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Rowan/Leif – Alternate definition of ‘chill’

Rowan/Leif – Alternate definition of ‘chill’ published on No Comments on Rowan/Leif – Alternate definition of ‘chill’

Sexy art challenge, #29 — “Netflix and chill.”

Or, in this case, “in-universe magical video-streaming service” and “no chill. None. At all.”

The prompt was for any cross-language pairing. Leif only speaks Sønska. Rowan mainly speaks Ceannic, but looking up some basic foreign-language phrases is well worth his time if it lets him talk a hot guy into his bedroom.


Rowan (Sønska): There’s a dub in your language — I’ll put on the subtitles for me.
Rowan (thinking, Ceannic): Not that I plan on paying a lot of attention to the show…
Rowan (Ceannic): Wait, is THAT how they translated her lines? That’s not subtle enough at all!

They are straight-up ERASING half the complexity of this relationship and COMPLETELY undermining the later stages of his character arc! Their dramatic showdown is the fourth act is going to make NO SENSE thanks to the CHARACTER ASSASSINATION of this MISERABLE EXCUSE for a dub and whoever was in charge of supervising the translation should be SHOT!

Rowan (thinking, Ceannic): In retrospect, I may have gotten a little carried away there.
Rowan (Sønska): Are you okay?
Leif (Sønska): Yes! The Ceanska definition of “chill” is very, ah…invigorating!

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