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Sexy Art Challenge final shakedown

Sexy Art Challenge final shakedown published on 7 Comments on Sexy Art Challenge final shakedown

All the romantic pairings, and groups, requested in the 30 Day OTP Sexy Art Challenge.

Violet was the runaway favorite, showing up 7 times. The most-requested pairings were a tie between “canon rivals” (Juniper/D), “canon romance but we haven’t seen much of it yet” (Birch/Annie), and “never-met total crack” (Holly/Olive).

Shipping gender breakdown:
1 m/cat
1 m/f/f
1 m/m/m/m
1 m/m/m/f/x
2 m/m
2 f/x
4 m/f
9 f/f

It’ll be interesting to do this again some time, after more storylines have passed, and see how the character breakdown has changed. Maybe next year….

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I’d apologize for skewing things towards Violet…But who am I kidding, I like her way way too much XD

I’m sort of surprised we didn’t get more m/m, really…There are plenty of fine fellas out and about to abuse appreciate in deliciously kinky ways…

I was surprised too!

My vague theory is “nobody asked for Leif/Thorn because people know they’ll get it anyway, and almost nobody asked for m/m that breaks up Leif/Thorn because they’re so darn shippable, and there aren’t a lot of other options.” There weren’t many requests breaking up canon m/f or f/f pairings, either…and there are a lot more unattached female characters (plus Juniper) than male ones.

Or at least, there were at the time. Gonna be more as the strip goes on. I’m already looking forward to the response to shippy moments between characters that haven’t even been introduced yet….

I kinda want to see Rowan/Magical Boy Stalker. What would they fight over (first)?
I feel awkward shipping characters I don’t like, but I think this would be at least funny if not cute.

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