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Stanczia/Imri – These costumes are tacky, but…

Stanczia/Imri – These costumes are tacky, but… published on No Comments on Stanczia/Imri – These costumes are tacky, but…

Sexy art challenge, #16 – “We wanted to roleplay and the costumes we ordered online are unbelievably tacky, but we tried them on anyway, and now we’re into it.”


Stanczia: THESE are the “authentic ancient Sonska warrior” costumes we ordered?! This plastic would never protect a human from the cold! Neon colors would attract every predator in a hundred miles — including us! And horned helmets are NOT historically accurate!
Imri: I know what we should do, my darling…
Stanczia: Buy the company and fire everyone involved in their production?
Imri: Yes, but after that.

Imri: Oh, why was I such a stupid human, getting lost in the mountains wearing this? I’ve set myself up to be such delicious prey!
Stanczia: Mrowr.

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