Thorn Explains: Ethnic groups

Thorn Explains: Ethnic groups published on 9 Comments on Thorn Explains: Ethnic groups

No color-coding in this transcript because the strip takes place in the Magical Exposition AU, where the language barrier isn’t real and the fonts don’t matter. If there’s anything else about the Leif & Thorn worldbuilding that you want to know, ask in the comments! Thorn is going to need things to explain on future… Continue reading Thorn Explains: Ethnic groups

Thorn Explains: Two-Moon Tides

Thorn Explains: Two-Moon Tides published on 8 Comments on Thorn Explains: Two-Moon Tides

The sine wave equations don’t correspond to precise astronomical measurements; they’re just an approximation that gives you a good-enough graph. Typical tide ranges around the coastline of Ceannis are 30-35 feet. If anyone wants to calculate what sizes and distances are most reasonable for the moons that create them, go for it. (If they’re narratively… Continue reading Thorn Explains: Two-Moon Tides