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Send me art prompts: Sweet Affectionate Moments Meme

Send me art prompts: Sweet Affectionate Moments Meme published on 8 Comments on Send me art prompts: Sweet Affectionate Moments Meme

Adapted this from the original on Tumblr.

Send me a NUMBER & PAIRING and I’ll write draw a little something.


1. A Sweet Kiss
2. A Hot Kiss
3. A Tired Kiss
4. A Drunken Kiss
5. A Reunion Kiss
6. A Kiss of Relief
7. A Scared Kiss
8. A First Kiss
9. An Awkward Kiss
10. A Shy Kiss
11. A Morning Kiss
12. A Night Kiss
13. A Sorry Kiss
14. A Sad Kiss
15. A Hope We Don’t Get Caught Kiss
16. A Naughty Kiss


17. A Love Bite
18. Holding Hands
19. Cuddling
20. A Massage
21. A Promise
22. Caught in a Storm
23. Seeking Shelter
24. Slow Dancing
25. Exchanging Letters
26. Tending an injury
27. Accidentally Sleeping In
28. Teaching the other something new
29. Cooking Together
30. Sharing A Bath/Swim
31. Catching the other before they fall
32. Getting Caught in the Act

(Canon & non-canon pairings welcome! Only limit is, no family members for the romantic prompts. Everything else is fair game.)

30 Day OTP Sexy Art Challenge

30 Day OTP Sexy Art Challenge published on 116 Comments on 30 Day OTP Sexy Art Challenge

(Original on Tumblr.)

Comment with a number and a Leif & Thorn pairing, and I’ll make you a sketch!

Complete gallery of fills.

All character combinations are acceptable – for purposes of this prompt challenge, feel free to assume everyone is bi =)

1 ] Someone’s hanging from the ceiling. [Hyacinth & Thorn]
2 ] By the bed, not on it.
3 ] There’s goo.
4 ] We were cuddling, and it got too intense. [Annie/Birch] [Olive/Geranium]
5 ] Show and tell, but not show and touch.
6 ] Phone sex. [Birch/Annie]
7 ] In the kitchen. [Leif/Katya]
8 ] Confined space (hiding, stuck in closet, now or never and the only place we could find was this bathroom stall). [Hyacinth/Blackthorn/Angelica]
9 ] Orgasm faces.
10 ] That’s gonna leave a mark.
11 ] Your OTP’s nudes.
12 ] There’s so much leather. Where did all of this leather come from? [Holly/Olive]
13 ] If you drop me in this shower, then I swear to God.
14 ] If you stop, then I also swear to God. Please. Don’t stop. [Plum/Clover]
15 ] Riding.
16 ] We wanted to roleplay and the costumes we ordered online are unbelievably tacky, but we tried them on anyway, and now we’re into it. [Stanczia/Imri]
17 ] Did I say you could?
18 ] Missionary with the lights off solely for procreation. Remember. God is watching.
19 ] “Studying” in a dorm room while the roommate is out. [Juniper/Del] [Holly/Violet]
20 ] I’m pretty sure this is a public place. [Holly/Ivy] [Olive/Magnolia] [Violet/Clover]
21 ] “Goodbye” or “we’re divorcing” sex.
22 ] We’re making a sex tape! [Tiernan/Thorn]
23 ] This was supposed to be hot. Stop making me laugh. [Leif/Thorn]
24 ] “Draw me like one of your French girls.”
25 ] We were so eager we couldn’t even get all of our clothes off. [Juniper/D]
26 ] That sure is an entire box of toys beneath your bed.
27 ] Fill as many holes as you can. [Olive/Violet] [Rowan/Florian/Leif/Thorn] [Rowan/Birch/Violet/Thorn/Juniper] [Del/Violet]
28 ] Thigh highs.
29 ] Netflix and chill. [Rowan/Leif]
30 ] Anything — anything your dirty little heart desires. [Violet/Juniper] [Rowan/Violet] [Violet/Astrid]

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