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Geez, I type up that whole thing, and then Patreon goes and backflips anyway.

Geez, I type up that whole thing, and then Patreon goes and backflips anyway. published on No Comments on Geez, I type up that whole thing, and then Patreon goes and backflips anyway.

(Crossposted again.)

The latest Patreon admin post does confirm that there were other motivations for the change than “our users will definitely love this”:

We still have to fix the problems that those changes addressed, but we’re going to fix them in a different way, and we’re going to work with you to come up with the specifics, as we should have done the first time around.

(You know, the first email about this to creators said they had focus-grouped the idea, and that users liked it? Talk about a non-representative sample….)

So, yeah. Maybe we can have happy donors and a non-bankrupt company in the same package after all.

What a week.

…and hey, have I mentioned that I have a short story coming out December 20, that will be available for free to all my patrons? It’ll be a bit more exclusive later, but for the duration of December, everyone who donates as little as $1 is getting 13K words of snowbound cross-cultural hurt-comfort AU. My holiday gift to you.

Some informative links on the Patreon fee change.

Some informative links on the Patreon fee change. published on No Comments on Some informative links on the Patreon fee change.

(Crossposted between here and But I’m A Cat Person.)

If you’re supporting anyone on Patreon, you’ve seen the recent email about a change in the fee structure. And maybe looked at some of the official admin posts about it too. And probably seen a lot of general outrage.

Well, it looks like there may be factors in play here that Patreon isn’t talking about — but you might want to know.

The biggest one is that, under the previous fee setup, Patreon was most likely losing money on all $1 pledges. And all $5 pledges. And, in fact, any pledge lower than $14.29.

So for a creator like me — I’ve never gotten an individual pledge higher than $10. My account has always been losing them money. They’ve been using venture-capitalist dollars to subsidize my work for years now.

Frankly, I’m surprised and grateful they kept that up as long as they did.

The second factor is about legal issues, so it’s not as inflexible as the math, but also not likely to change any time soon. Basically, Patreon’s previous setup arguably put them in a legal category that involved regulations they haven’t been following and fees they haven’t been paying. The new setup definitively puts them not in that category.

No amount of user backlash is going to change any of the above. If Patreon has to choose between “fewer, crankier users, but you actually make a profit” over “everyone stays happy for the next 12 months and then you go bankrupt”…well, what would you do?

I’ve seen some people talk about looking for alternate ways to support their favorite creators, but the details are always vague. Or maybe they’ll mention Paypal. Here’s the problem: I’ve had Paypal for a decade longer than Patreon has even existed. Anyone can click the buttons on my webcomic sites and send me a donation every month, if they feel like it. Guess how many people have felt like it?

Zero. The answer is zero.

And, look, you can turn the question around and get the same thing. If I cancel either of my $1 pledges, the likelihood that I’ll bother to go to the creators’ websites and send them Paypal donations every month is also zero. The technology is there; human nature is not.

I know some patrons are canceling pledges because they can’t afford to keep giving at the same level under the new system. That’s completely legitimate and understandable. You do what you gotta do. No reasonable creator would or should give you grief over it.

But if you’re canceling pledges because you want to put financial pressure on Patreon to switch back to the old system — please know that it doesn’t work that way! Unless you were pledging more than $14.29 per creator, even if they get $0 from you under the new system, that’s still more money than they were making from you before.

I do wish Patreon had rolled this out differently. I wish they had led with “we’ve been subsidizing you out of our own pockets, and we can’t afford to keep it up,” instead of going with “we’re doing this because it will make everyone happier!”, because, uh, that clearly did not land well.

But I’m not mad about the underlying decision. And I’m going to keep using the site, both as a creator and as a patron.

(One more link, for anyone who’s not a patron of mine but would like to be.)

We’re listed on TopWebComics now

We’re listed on TopWebComics now published on 2 Comments on We’re listed on TopWebComics now

So you can go vote for Leif & Thorn. Y’know, if you feel like it. And you’re not busy or anything.

(Voting is once per comic per machine per day — that’s not a loophole or anything, it’s their stated rules. So if some time you’re feeling extra-fannish, you can vote on your computer and then vote again on your phone. Just FYI.)

WordPress plugins and offsite crossposts

WordPress plugins and offsite crossposts published on No Comments on WordPress plugins and offsite crossposts

img180I’m trying out Tumblr Crosspostr with Leif & Thorn. If you’re reading this on Tumblr, it’s working!

Especially curious about how the image (on the original post, it’s a right-aligned thumbnail) is going to turn out.

(ETA: the image turns out terrible. Will remember to be wary of that in the future.)

Over on BICP, I’m field-testing the much-more-heavy-duty Social Network Auto Poster for Tumblr crossposting. It can do a bunch of other sites too — but I’m already using the nice lightweight Social to broadcast to Twitter and Facebook, and don’t have accounts on any of the rest.

Going purely by the setup options, I’m liking Crosspostr better. It lets you pick a set of default tags to add to every crosspost! With SNAP, you either have to do that manually, or start adding your webcomic name as a tag to every post. On its own site.

Who wants to start a Leif & Thorn TVTropes page?

Who wants to start a Leif & Thorn TVTropes page? published on 1 Comment on Who wants to start a Leif & Thorn TVTropes page?

You can kick it off with Bilingual Bonus, Empathy Pet, Call A Smeerp A Rabbit, Cool Sword, Has Two Mommies, and maybe Norse by Norsewest.

Plus a few tropes about diplomacy, knighthood, and gardening? And while my searches are coming up empty on it, there’s got to be one for Introduced Surrounded By Flowers.

This current storyline is going to add a few good ones to the pile, too. Details will be obvious by Sunday….

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