Flag of CeannisCeannis is a superpower in the Gulf region. Government includes a Senate and a President who serves for a six-year term. Military includes a series of knightly orders.

Formerly a monarchy until Leachtric (a reincarnation of Rhódon) established democracy.

The major ethnic group is Aibreán, with substantial minorities of Feabhric, Iuilic, and Getsunese. Ceannic first names are plant-related, with Feabhric names more likely to be varieties of rose, and Iuilic names more likely to be fruits. Last names are related to spices and natural features.

  • Region: Kolpos
  • Currency: Ceannic crowns
  • Epithet: Ceannic, Ceanska (Sønheim), Ceannai (Getsun)
  • Major language: Northern Ceannic


Capitol city. Built on the shores of Lake Liathgheal, astride a river that feeds into the Gulf. Includes the following locations:

  • Aquarium: Nationally famous.
  • Castle Crossing Training Center: Military training.
  • Crown Hill Stables: Where Caoimhe and her foal reside.
  • Garden Street: Train station.
  • Rosedale County: Where Thorn lives. His apartment is across from the library.
  • Second Life Resource Center: Resources for long-runners.

There's also the Sønheim Embassy, where Leif works and lives. Has heavily warded walls to keep intruders out, and Sønheim's native magic in.

Other notable places

Burnspoint: Major hub of the entertainment industry.

Lake Liathgheal: A body of water the size of Ohio, and the second-largest in Ceannis. Also known as Sapphire Lake.

Peacockton: Coastal town where Thorn's team was stationed before being moved to the steppes.

The Steppes: Semi-habitable territory at the edge of The Desert, which used to be populated by a mix of nomadic tribes with no clearly-defined territories. Conquered by Ceannis (and other border countries) around the time technology advanced to the point where the area could be made livable for non-nomads. Still a source of hereditary ethnic tension, although not enough to inspire a well-organized separatist movement.

Ville-de-Prince: Prestigious university. Its graduates include soundboard operators.


Kolpovision: Annual multinational song contest, full of OTT outfits. Ceannis won twice during Olive Romarin's first term as president.

Soul Masquerade: Harvest festival. Everyone dresses up as their favorite characters/creatures.

Summerfest: Biggest annual holiday. Celebrated by wearing flowers, eating sweets, singing karaoke.

Vyrvatsya: Six-day Iuilic festival celebrating the escape from the Horn Kingdom, starting when the big moon is full. Celebrated by eating easy-to-carry foods and lighting moon-phase lamps (traditionally with candles).

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