Countries of The World.

They can be grouped into three general regions:

Norden/Katoptric Circle: The northern polar region, sometimes called after the constellation (the Mirror, Katoptris) that contains the pole star. Isolated by a nearly-impassable mountain range to the south, a nearly-impassable icy ocean to the south, and a nearly-impassable arid superdesert to the south.

Kolpos/the Gulf States: Former sphere of influence of the historical Gulf Empire, plus all the islands to the southwest. Most major languages here can be traced back to proto-Gulf.

Kasirga/the East Coast: Everywhere else. Named after the fact that it takes the brunt of the continent's hurricanes. Many nations extend their borders into The Desert, although nobody wants it enough to fight for it, or even visit long enough to do proper surveying.

Countries of the world.


Has a lot of superstition around Bealtic numerology, which has become popular across Kolpos.

A Ceannic expression for something confusing or jargon-heavy is “It's all Bealtic to me.”

  • Region: Kolpos/Kasirga
  • Currency: ducats
  • Epithet: Bealtic (Ceannis), Bealska (Sønheim)


Superpower in the Gulf region. Government includes a Senate and a President who serves for a six-year term. Military includes a series of knightly orders.

Formerly a monarchy until Leachtric (a reincarnation of Rhódon) established democracy.

The major ethnic group is Aibreán, with substantial minorities of Feabhric, Iuilic, and Getsunese. Ceannic first names are plant-related, with Feabhric names more likely to be varieties of rose, and Iuilic names more likely to be fruits. Last names are related to spices and natural features.

  • Region: Kolpos
  • Currency: Ceannic crowns
  • Epithet: Ceannic, Ceanska (Sønheim), Ceannai (Getsun)
  • Major language: Northern Ceannic

Notable places

Flag of Ceannis Burnspoint: Major hub of the entertainment industry.

Central: Capitol city. Built on the shores of Lake Liathgheal, astride a river that feeds into the Gulf.

  • Aquarium: Nationally famous.
  • Castle Crossing Training Center: Military training.
  • Crown Hill Stables: Where Caiomhe and her foal reside.
  • Garden Street: Train station.
  • Rosedale County: Where Thorn lives. His apartment is across from the library.
  • Second Life Resource Center: Resources for long-runners.
  • The Embassy: Where Leif works and lives. Has heavily warded walls to keep intruders out, and Sønheim's native magic in.

Lake Liathgheal: A body of water the size of Ohio, and the second-largest in Ceannis. Also known as Sapphire Lake.

Peacockton: Coastal town where Thorn's team was stationed before being moved to the steppes.

The Steppes: Semi-habitable territory at the edge of The Desert, which used to be populated by a mix of nomadic tribes with no clearly-defined territories. Conquered by Ceannis (and other border countries) around the time technology advanced to the point where the area could be made livable for non-nomads. Still a source of hereditary ethnic tension, although not enough to inspire a well-organized separatist movement.

Ville-de-Prince: Prestigious university. Its graduates include soundboard operators.


Kolpovision: Annual multinational song contest, full of OTT outfits. Ceannis won twice during Olive Romarin's first term as president.

Soul Masquerade: Harvest festival. Everyone dresses up as their favorite characters/creatures.

Summerfest: Biggest annual holiday. Celebrated by wearing flowers, eating sweets, singing karaoke.

Vyrvatsya: Six-day Iuilic festival celebrating the escape from the Horn Kingdom, starting when the big moon is full. Celebrated by eating easy-to-carry foods and lighting moon-phase lamps (traditionally with candles).


Country to the northwest of Getsun.

  • Region: Kolpos
  • Epithet: Doyonai, Doyonese (Ceannis)

Ei Missään

Cold and isolated island, significantly off the coast of the main polar ice cap.

  • Region: Norden


Flag of Getsun Country on the western coast, including a peninsula and the largest neighboring islands.

Long-runners are revered in Getsun. Children aren't named until they turn five years old, in case they remember a previous name in the meantime. Descendants of a long-runner's previous incarnation and the parents of their current incarnation are considered family, similar to becoming family by marriage.

  • Region: Kolpos
  • Currency: Getsunese crowns
  • Epithet: Getsunai, Getsunese (Ceannis), Getsuska (Sønheim)

Isle of Marta

Island off the southeastern coast of Ceannis.

  • Region: Kolpos/Kasirga
  • Epithet: Martan (Ceannis), Marska (Sønheim)


Flag of Sønheim Government includes a President and a three-house legislature. The House of the Sun is made up of hereditary nobility; the House of Commons is elected by the people; and the House of the Moon is made up of vampires.

The countries in Norden have a long history of annexing each other, and Sønheim has currently absorbed most of its formerly-independent neighbors, incorporating their noble families into its own aristocracy.

Has a system of indentured servitude for debtors, including Leif.

Traditional food is flavorful but not spicy, including moose jerky and lingonberry tea.

  • Region: Norden
  • Currency: marks
  • Epithet: Sønska, Sønheic (Ceannis), Sønhai (Getsun)
  • Official language: Sønska

Notable places

Hammer Falls: Town where Leif was born. Near the iceward end of the Brightwater River.

Månborg: Former independent nation, relatively recently annexed into being a region of Sønheim.

River Deep: River on whose banks Imri grew up. He attended Mountain High.

Skagendal: Former independent nation, annexed into being a region of Månborg about 180 years ago.


Szélanyanatt: Winter solstice festival, celebrating the young Queen Szélanya.

Dísablót: Spring festival, traditionally honoring warriors.

World Idol: Annual nationwide music contest. No other countries are involved. All other countries raise their eyebrows at the name.


Flag of Tamapoa Island of tiny things. Populated by Tamaputians.

Surnames here are highly modular, because when two people in Tamapoa get married, they pick a new last name that's a portmanteau of their original last names.

  • Region: Kolpos
  • Currency: sequins
  • Epithet: Tamaputian (Ceannis)

United Islands

Flag of the United Islands Federation including most of the islands along the southern edge of the Gulf, with the notable exception of Tamapoa.

The largest and easternmost is prone to hurricanes on its east coast, but provides a sheltering effect for the western islands, making them a a popular destination for tropical vacations.

  • Region: Kolpos
  • Currency: islets
  • Epithet: Islander
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