Magical girls (and boys, and men, and women, and so on) from Ceannis.

Mages from other countries include Pania Kaitangata.

Student mages

Holly Cerise

Appearances: Holly Cerise

Teenage magician in training, assigned to work with Thorn's team. Night person. Gets her two-tone hair from transforming. Very smart and driven, but not above bending the truth to look cool to her peers.

She had to play with Ivy a lot as a young child, because her mother, Laurel Cerise, is close with Ivy's father.

  • Domain: Stars
  • Base affinity: Nature
  • Ethnicity: Feabhric
  • Age (first appearance): 14
  • Likes: Superheroes, admiration, cake, the Holger Saga
  • Dislikes: Loud noises, loud people

Ivy Muscade

Appearances: Ivy Muscade

Squeeful teen magical girl. Two-tone hair from dying it, paired with yellow contact lenses due to an obsession with Sønheim’s culture and aesthetics. Loves her OTPs and her cinnamon rolls; hasn’t quite mastered the concept of the inside voice.

Don’t let any of that trick you into underestimating her: she's the most powerful water magical-girl of her age, and is on track to be the strongest in recorded history.

  • Domain: Water
  • Ethnicity: Aibreán
  • Age (first appearance): 14
  • Likes: Athletic women, cute animals, little fishies, any and all series from Sønheim
  • Dislikes: Meanies

Caennic Government

Magnolia Persil

Appearances: Magnolia Persil

Minister of Prophecy. Good at making prophecy priorities line up with Ceannis's.

  • Domain: Fire
  • Ethnicity: Aibreán

Magnus Cornouiller

Appearances: Magnus Cornouiller

Serious government crisis manager. Large cat familiar. Ivy's grandfather.

  • Domain: Water
  • Ethnicity: Aibreán

Ebony Muscade

Appearances: Ebony Muscade

State Dept liaison to Sønheim. Beautiful femme fashion sense. Ivy's father.

  • Domain: Nature
  • Ethnicity: Aibreán


Appearances: Acai

Mysterious probably-Stars mage with wide-ranging authority, including over long-runners and Monster Hunters. Known to be short.


Hestia (water mage, United Islander), formerly part of Thorn's team.



Appearances: Bramble

Miner, EMPHATIC SPEAKER, highly disciplined MAGICAL MAN. The only mage trapped in the Juniper Mining collapse, where he got close with Gil Dumas. Has two small children.


Appearances: Kudzu

Dark magical boy who “got all murder-y up in the northeast” until he was dealt with by the Romarin administration. Also a primary antagonist in Magical Thorn.

  • Domain: Stars
  • Base affinity: probably Fire
  • Ethnicity: ???

Laceleaf's stalker

Appearances: Laceleaf's stalker

Generally terrible person. Apprehended and fitted with magic-blocking bracelets after he held the entire National Aquarium hostage.


Appearances: Telga

Historical right-hand mage to Leachtric.

  • Domain: Stars
  • Base affinity: Water
  • Ethnicity: Aibreán

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