Magical girls (and boys, and men, and women, and so on) from Ceannis. For general details on how their powers work, see Magic.

Mages from other countries include Pania Kaitangata.

Student mages

Young mages who are still going through the national training program, which replaces the regular public school system.

Holly Cerise

Appearances: Holly Cerise

Teenage magician in training, assigned to work with Thorn's team. Night person. Gets her two-tone hair from transforming. Very smart and driven, but not above bending the truth to look cool to her peers.

She had to play with Ivy a lot as a young child, because her mother, Laurel Cerise, is close with Ivy's father.

  • Domain: Stars
  • Base affinity: Nature
  • Ethnicity: Feabhric
  • Age (first appearance): 14
  • Likes: Superheroes, admiration, cake, the Holger Saga
  • Dislikes: Loud noises, loud people

Ivy Muscade

Appearances: Ivy Muscade

Squeeful teen magical girl. Dyes her green hair blonde, and wears yellow contact lenses, due to an obsession with Sønheim’s culture and aesthetics (and fantasy series). Loves her OTPs and her cinnamon rolls; enthusiastic at karaoke; hasn’t quite mastered the concept of the inside voice.

Don’t let any of that trick you into underestimating her. Ivy is the most powerful water magical-girl of her age, and on track to be the strongest in recorded history. Most recently, dissipated a tsunami on the Hurricane Coast, officially for a “power level test.”

Ebony Muscade is her father, and Magus Cornouiller is her grandfather (Ebony's father-in-law).

  • Domain: Water
  • Ethnicity: Aibreán
  • Age (first appearance): 14
  • Likes: Athletic women, cute animals, little fishies, any and all series from Sønheim
  • Dislikes: Meanies

Ceannic Government

Mages that are currently (or recently) employed in public-service jobs.

Historical government-employed magical girls include Telga.


Appearances: Acai

Mysterious probably-Stars mage with wide-ranging authority, including over long-runners and Monster Hunters. Known to be short.

  • Title: Time Mage

Laurel Cerise

Appearances: Laurel Cerise

Elegant government crisis manager, known for her expertise in potion chemistry. Sensitive to bad scents, and has a thing for exotic/artisanal perfumes.

Can't remember faces, but can always recognize magical girls by their costumes. Trans, bi/pan, single parent of Holly, childhood friend of Ebony. Has a bird familiar named Fallon.

  • Domain: Nature
  • Ethnicity: Feabhric

Magnus Cornouiller

Appearances: Magnus Cornouiller

Serious government crisis manager. Large cat familiar. Ivy's grandfather.

  • Domain: Water
  • Ethnicity: Aibreán

Ebony Muscade

Appearances: Ebony Muscade

State Dept liaison to Sønheim. Beautiful femme fashion sense. Ivy's father, and a childhood friend of Laurel.

  • Domain: Nature
  • Ethnicity: Aibreán


Appearances: Hestia

Formerly part of Thorn's team. Killed in the dragon fight.

  • Domain: Water
  • Ethnicity: United Islander

Magnolia Persil

Appearances: Magnolia Persil

Minister of Prophecy. Good at making prophecy priorities line up with Ceannis's.

  • Domain: Fire
  • Ethnicity: Aibreán

Thorne Raifort

Appearances: Thorne Raifort

Water mage with wings. Got her start doing basic magical-aptitude screenings on young children, and now works on higher-level testing, as well as disaster response. Hasn't leveled up much herself in all these years, a fact that she's wearily resigned to.

  • Ethnicity: Aibrean
  • Domain: Water
  • Age: early 60's



Appearances: Alfhild

A magical girl of Sønska descent.

  • Domain: Fire


Appearances: Bramble

Miner, EMPHATIC SPEAKER, highly disciplined MAGICAL MAN. Has two small children.

Bram was the only mage trapped in the Juniper Mining collapse, where he got close with Gil Dumas. Since recovering, he's gone back to work…but strictly on above-ground jobs.

Favorite spells: healing magic (practical) and the ability to turn any beverage into a sparkling beverage (fun). Favorite drink: sparkling cider.


Appearances: Kudzu

Dark magical boy who “got all murder-y up in the northeast” until he was dealt with by the Romarin administration. Also a primary antagonist in Magical Thorn. Transformation theme is "Sexyback".

  • Domain: Stars
  • Base affinity: probably Fire
  • Ethnicity: ???

Laceleaf's stalker

Appearances: Laceleaf's stalker

Generally terrible person. Apprehended and fitted with magic-blocking bracelets after he held the entire National Aquarium hostage.

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