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 [[wp>​Hallucinations]] ([[Ceannic Characters#​Kale]]) [[wp>​Hallucinations]] ([[Ceannic Characters#​Kale]])
 +[[wp>​IVF]] ([[Thorn'​s Family#Plum Estragon]], [[embassy_staff#​Elisa]])
 [[wp>​Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder]] ([[Thorn]], most of the [[knights]],​ [[Ceannic Characters#​Annie Persil]]) [[wp>​Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder]] ([[Thorn]], most of the [[knights]],​ [[Ceannic Characters#​Annie Persil]])
 [[wp>​Vitiligo]] ([[Ceannic Characters#​Cress]]) [[wp>​Vitiligo]] ([[Ceannic Characters#​Cress]])
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