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Flag of Sønheim The countries in Norden have a long history of annexing each other, and Sønheim has currently absorbed most of its formerly-independent neighbors, incorporating their noble families into its own aristocracy.

Government includes a President and a three-house legislature. The House of the Sun is made up of hereditary nobility; the House of Commons is elected by the people; and the House of the Moon is made up of vampires.

Has a system of indentured servitude for debtors, including Leif.

Traditional food is flavorful but not spicy, including moose jerky and lingonberry tea.

  • Region: Norden
  • Currency: marks
  • Epithet: Sønska, Sønheic (Ceannis), Sønhai (Getsun)
  • Official language: Sønska

Notable places

Hammer Falls: Town where Leif was born. Near the iceward end of the Brightwater River.

Månborg: Former independent nation, relatively recently annexed into being a region of Sønheim.

River Deep: River on whose banks Imri grew up. He attended Mountain High.

Skagendal: Former independent nation, annexed into being a region of Månborg about 180 years ago.


Szélanyanatt: Winter solstice festival, celebrating the young Queen Szélanya.

Dísablót: Spring festival, traditionally honoring warriors.

World Idol: Annual nationwide music contest. No other countries are involved. All other countries raise their eyebrows at the name.

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