Everyone from Sønheim who isn't covered under Leif, Embassy staff, or vampires.

Living in Ceannis

Ragnild Nibelungsen

Appearances: Ragnild Nibelungsen

Daughter of Sven Nibelungsen. Strong-willed, protective twin of Iona. Has a pet ferret, Ketil.

  • Age (first appearance): 11

Iona Nibelungsen

Appearances: Iona Nibelungsen

The quieter twin, but no less determined. Has a floating chair, due to congenital limb malformation, that hovers rather than flies.

  • Age (first appearance): 11

Ralph Magnusson

Appearances: Ralph Magnusson

Manager of a branch of the Moose Grill fast-food restaurant, serving traditional Sønska food.


Survivors trapped in the mine collapse. Also included Ceannic miners and the fire mage Bramble.

Minor/unnamed relatives are tagged under mine families.

Patrik Gagarr

Appearances: Patrik Gagarr

Mine consultant, one leg short.


Appearances: Arnulf

Mine consultant, big on charts.

Elisa's Father

Appearances: Elisa's Father

Elisa's Father who was injured in the mine collapse. Spent a lot of his savings to pay off Elisa's debt on medical bills.


Astrid Rødlund

Appearances: Astrid Rødlund

Bestselling author of the Holger Saga. Good with kids. Heavily influenced by the passion of Holger Saga fans.

  • Age (first appearance): 47

Little White-Haired Girl

Appearances: Little White-Haired Girl

Mysterious child whose design will probably have completely changed by the time she makes her proper debut in the story.


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