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 Mine consultant, big on charts. Mine consultant, big on charts.
-==== Elisa'​s ​Father ​====  +==== Elisa'​s ​Dads ====  
-Appearances:​ [[http://​leifandthorn.com/​character/​elisas-father/​|Elisa'​s ​Father]]+{{::​cs-elisadads.png?​nolink |}}Appearances:​ [[http://​leifandthorn.com/​character/​elisas-dads/​|Elisa'​s ​dads]]
-Elisa'​s ​Father ​who was injured in the mine collapse. ​Spent a lot of his savings to pay off Elisa'​s ​debt on medical bills+Malmfred Svansson is the one of [[embassy staff#Elisa]]'​s ​fathers ​who was injured in the mine collapse. ​Her other father, Malmfred'​s husband, is Vainø. (Elisa is biologically the child of Malmfred and Vainø'​s ​sister.)
 +Vainø is deaf, and has [[languages#​Sonheim Sign|Sønheim Sign]] as a first language. Malmfred has it as a second language. Elisa is natively bilingual.
 +The two men had saved a significant amount of money to buy out Elisa'​s contract, but most of it was wiped out by medical bills after the rescue, since Sønheim has terrible health-insurance coverage.
 ===== Others ===== ===== Others =====
 ==== Astrid Rødlund ==== ==== Astrid Rødlund ====
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