The native residents of Tamapoa. Not human, but a humanoid species that average 10-12 inches tall. Most have black hair and tan skin.

Any Tamaputian over 21 years old is likely to have an animal tattoo on the upper back, applied as a traditional part of the coming-of-age celebration.

When a couple gets married, they create a new last name by combining elements of their maiden names, to get a smushname with a meaning and sound that both partners approve. It only gets complicated when people from different language groups marry, so their only combination options are meaningless and/or silly-sounding.

Mata Kaihanga

Appearances: Matatuhi Kaihanga

Engineer, Pato's husband. (How they met.) Chatty and optimistic. Trans man, with an elaborate peacock-feather tattoo across his chest, which draws attention away from the top-surgery scars.

Skills include hydraulics, pneumatics, spellcraft, structural analysis, metallurgy, casting, welding, sintering, drafting, aerodynamics, geotechnical engineering, acoustics, tribology, instrumentation, and hardware design.

Fluent in Tamaputian and Ceannic (mostly technical Ceannic).

  • Maiden name: Kaimahi
  • Coming-of-age tattoo: Beaver
  • Age (first appearance): 25

Pato Kaihanga

Appearances: Patotara Kaihanga

Engineer, Mata's husband. Silent and tech-savvy.

Pato has congenital mutism – in short, he can’t talk. Most of his communication is through text-based devices. With his husband, a lot of the time it just takes a gesture or an expression and Mata will get the whole idea.

Reads/writes in Tamaputian, reads/signs in Tamapoa Sign, understands spoken Tamaputian and Ceannic.

  • Maiden name: Waihanga
  • Coming-of-age tattoo: Duck
  • Age (first appearance): 24

Pania Kaitangata

Appearances: Pania Kaitangata

Archmage of Tamapoa. (Same as Ceannic mages, but smaller.) Genderfluid intersex panromantic asexual, which may or may not ever be relevant. Started as a magical girl with a nature affinity, then her powers expanded.

  • Domain: Stars
  • Coming-of-age tattoo: Butterfly ray

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