According to the Ceannic calendar, the new year begins in spring. (Sønheim has a different New Year, as well as different seasons.)

Before Leif & Thorn meet

-900ish years: Lady Stanczia born.

-400ish years: Stanczia seated in the House of the Moon.

-240ish years: Stanczia and Imri (age 14) meet. Several years later, Imri becomes Stanczia's accountant, and advises her to move money out of Skagendal into the more stable Sønheim.

-220 years: Imri (age 32) is turned by Stanczia.

-180ish years: Skagendal annexed by Månborg.

-85 through -75 years: Broadcast run of Hedge and Grassie episodes . Some time during this period, a time-traveling Future Thorn appears in their studio during an earthquake that interrupts the filming of an episode.

-35 years: Thorn was born.

-28ish years: Leif was born.

-15 years: Heartsword training for Thorn, Juniper, and Delphinium.

-14 years: Rowan and Violet meet.

-9 years: Heartsword training for Rowan and Violet.

-4 years: Wyrm of Ruaidh fight.

-6 months: Thorn's team sent to guard a mountain observatory.

Year 1 (Leif & Thorn meet)


Leif & Thorn meet-1 month: The Prophecy, Thorn & team receive orders to guard the Embassy.

Day 0: Thorn & team arrive at the embassy, and Thorn & Leif meet. That evening an escaped Hellhound makes it onto the grounds & Thorn saves Leif.

Soon after: Thorn has dinner at his family's house, and retrieves his soulbonded cat, Tiernan.


Some time later: Ragnild & Iona order some magic powder to strengthen Iona's legs, which Thorn stops from being smuggled into the Embassy. He ends up taking the powder to the face while chasing the smuggler, and wakes up to tentacles. Leif helps him hide in the Embassy's pool while Juniper and Holly make up an antidote.Vampires, dinner, and dinner's knight

A night later: Bro's night out.

Some night further on: The Sønheim Embassy is hosting a Cultural Exchange Celebration. Famous author Astrid Rødlund, along with vampires Lady Stanczia & Lord Imri are invited. A member of the Secret Order of Monster Hunters sneaks in and gets caught by Juniper. Thorn comes across Leif being the vampire's dinner. Regrouping, Thorn lets the Secret Agent go.

Leif spends some time in hospital.


After Leif's recuperation: Thorn visits his old teacher, Sir Geranium to talk about secret organisations and ask to be ordered into secrecy. Thorn has a flashback

Leif returns to work. Thorn & Leif organize totally-not-a-date.

The next Tuesday: Thorn takes Leif to meet his Unicorn, Caoimhe, and her foal, Caelan. They react badly to Leif, so the pair visit the aquarium instead, waiting in a long line. Meanwhile, Holly and Ivy join Hyacinth's class on a trip to the same aquarium. A stalker attacks the aquarium. Thorn & Leif wait nearby, as Thorn's heartsword or military-grade healing gem could be useful. Holly and Ivy power up to stop him. Holly runs into Future Thorn.A med-wagon ride A team of serious mages arrive just as Ivy pins the stalker, and they arrest him. The situation resolved, Thorn & Leif decide to have dinner, but Ceanska food is too spicy for Leif. They go to a traditional Sønka eatery next, but Thorn has a flashback. A med wagon is called, and Leif pretends to be Thorn's husband to join him on the ride back to his apartment. The pair talk on Thorn's rooftop. Thorn mentions it is his Birthday.

The next day: Leif tries to visit Thorn at his gate, but finds he is on medical leave.

A few days later: Ebony Muscade, Sir Geranium Sureau, President Olive, Magnolia Persil and the Woman in Black meet in a high-security chamber to discuss the Prophecy's progress after Thorn's incident. Meanwhile, Thorn is undergoing a psych evaluation. Later, he meets with Tansy where she explains their mother's troubles. She gets notified that a mine collapsed and she's being called in as the geology expert. Thorn picks Hawthorn up from school. Tansy and Mata & Pato are flown to the mine as experts.

Three days later: The first exploratory drill begins. Thorn organizes Birch to be put on mine security detail, as his betrothed Annie works at the mine, and is trapped.


11 days post-collapse: The drill gets upgraded and makes it to a tunnel near the trapped miners. Contact is established. Annie and Birch's wedding

17 days post-collapse: The drill makes it through to the miners.

Some days later: Tansy returns home. Ivy and Magnus Cornouiller are brought in to widen the borehole.

23 days post-collapse: Annie & Birch get married.

33 days post-collapse: The miners are are rescued.

Meanwhile: Guards at the Embassy security office get a bunch of wrong numbers.

Also meanwhile: Violet introduces Rowan to the Leachtric soundtrack. Rowan reflects on their childhood friendship.

Year 2


Weeks later: Iona and Ragnild get new lightweight clothes.

Seven to ten business days later: Clothes are delivered. Thorn asks Leif on another not-a-date, and learns about his compulsion.

Days later: Thorn takes Leif to buy clothes for Summerfest. Thorn takes SO many pictures.


Leif singing karaoke for Thorn Summerfest: Thorn & Leif have totally not-a-date, including non-spicy food, helping Kale with his hallucinations, playing some games, karaoke (which Future Thorn accidentally drops by for), and a personal discussion on a bridge.

Next week: Thorn offers the two on his team who do the best a job guarding the Culture Minister and his kids at a showing of Leachtric in about 1 month.

Later that week: Violet picks up Blush Noisette Duval. Thorn's knights have a friendly sparring session with the Sønheic guards, which Captain Sigrun used observe Leif & Thorn interacting.

Weekend after that (2 weeks post-Summerfest): Thorn takes Leif to the Library. They also spend some time in Thorn's apartment.

Days later: Stanczia and Imri reflect on Wacky Bracelets. Juniper reveals Rowan and Violet won the Leactric duty.

Next week (3.5 weeks post-Summerfest): Rowan comes down with a case of wings, so Thorn takes his spot for Leachtric duty, while Rowan befriends head-writer-of-MCLIS Archie.

Week after that (4.5 weeks post-Summerfest): Leachtric!
Unfortunately, the show is called off after the first act due to a The introductionary song to Leachtric!a plant monster overgrowing the Royal Ceannic Opera. Kale runs into Thorn, and asks him to cut off his magical restraints so he can help. They are interrupted by the Woman in Black before Thorn decides. Meanwhile, Cedar makes his Magic Boy debut. Soon, Laurel Cerise arrives and destroys the plant monster. This allows Agent Delphinium access to Sven, where she arrests him. Conveniently, he has some information the police want and they release him. Later, Thorn is debriefed at the Embassy before heading home. Thorn finds Kale waiting outside his apartment, and they discuss the night. Meanwhile, the Woman in Black is debriefed by Acai at her apartment.

Week after that (5.5 weeks post-Summerfest): Leif and Elisa discuss the plan for Thorn to rent her to pay off most of her contract. Around the same time, Holly sits her big star-mage evaluation and Cedar gets his powers evaluated, where Holly is assigned to teach him while he is on tour. A few days later, Pascentia cooks dinner for her overworking-from-worry sibling Agent D10. Meanwhile, the embassy is surprised Thorn has ordered a sex package to rent Elisa, rather than Leif, so set Embassy Guard Geiroelul to spy on their sign language communications. Later again, Juniper's aquarium-based speed dating is interrupted by an emergency call that Marula is in jail. While they wish that they had more people to talk about this, they go to the jail and find out that Marula is under suspicion of murdering two children. Marula quickly realizes Juniper won't help her, and starts messing with them. Juniper eventually catches on and leaves, where Agent Delphinium and the Woman in Black question her about Marula, as their Order want to hire her. After, Agent Delphinium and Juniper have some mutual no-strings-attached stress relief.

Thorn and Elisa bake cookiesA week after that (6.5 weeks post-Summerfest): Thorn and Elisa have their cooking date. They make crescent cookies. Unfortunately, bad weather means Thorn takes Elisa back to the embassy early. Thorn dissociates because of the fire, but is soon found by his team's new magical girl: Atarangi. They have to stay and guard a security breach as a tree breaks some of the Embassy's wall.

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