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Fluid layout

All layouts are responsive, but some are more responsive than others

All layouts are responsive, but some are more responsive than others published on 11 Comments on All layouts are responsive, but some are more responsive than others

Update, Sunday (2/21) afternoon: Pushed a new version with a maximum width set on the desktop layout, and a “no cropping the comic with a horizontal scrollbar” set on the mobile layout. (Might take some time for the last update to cycle through the cache, so if you don’t see it yet, just wait.)

After a round of “we like indexing sites that adapt to multiple device sizes” prodding from Google, I did some tweaking to make the Leif & Thorn layout more responsive.

Out with the fixed-width central column! In with the fluid self-adjusting divs. Long may they reign.

Also: there was already a mobile layout, but now your phone should actually load the mobile layout.

Mobile layout

Which…may or may not actually be better for users, no matter what Google’s automated guidelines say.

So how’s it working for you? If specific features are giving people trouble, it’s pretty easy to finesse them into something more functional.

Comment on this post and/or vote in the poll to give feedback:

Leif & Thorn's mobile layout should now actually work on mobile! (Use your browser's "View Desktop Site" option, if available, to switch back.) How do you feel about it?
  • Add your answer
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And yes, I did decide to upend the Leif & Thorn layout on the exact same weekend as I launched the But I’m A Cat Person: Master’s Edition Kickstarter.

Master's Edition logo

Because I’m a sucker for punishment, apparently.

(No, seriously, the campaign is off to a great start. While I finish shipping the latest round of Leif & Thorn paperbacks, don’t miss your chance to pick up Even More Books.)

Leif & Thorn shipping news (no, the other kind of shipping)

Leif & Thorn shipping news (no, the other kind of shipping) published on No Comments on Leif & Thorn shipping news (no, the other kind of shipping)

The Volume 3 packing station is in full swing. Featuring large boxes of books, and small piles of Stuff What Goes With The Books:

Packing supplies

Orders from Kickstarter backers are starting to go in the mail! That’s right, campaign funds are officially being siphoned out of my bank account and redirected to the US Postal Service. More details on the campaign page.

If you missed the campaign, don’t worry: you can now officially order the Volume 3 paperback on Gumroad.

I wasn’t able to make that a preorder page for a later date — so just keep in mind that I’ll start shipping Gumroad purchases once all the Kickstarter preorders are covered. (Or maybe once all the easy ones are covered. There’s always a few problem cases in the batch…)

Thanks for a great campaign, everyone! And stick around, because we’ll be back to fund the But I’m A Cat Person omnibus before you know it.

Packing supplies

Volume 3 hits the digital shelves, complete with new Cool Fantasy Map

Volume 3 hits the digital shelves, complete with new Cool Fantasy Map published on 2 Comments on Volume 3 hits the digital shelves, complete with new Cool Fantasy Map

The ebook of Leif & Thorn Volume 3: Creeping Vines is now available! Readers who preordered it through Kickstarter got the first crack, but anyone who missed the campaign can finally buy it on Gumroad.

The ebooks of Volumes 1 and 2 are available in the same store — along with the paperback versions, if you’re into those. (The printing of Volume 3 is in progress as we speak.)

Along with song lyrics, fancy recolored strips, and a bunch of exclusive bonus sketches, this is the volume where I had a new map done. You’ve seen the original one, in the comic and on Crystalpedia:

Thanks to the outpouring of support for the Volume 3 campaign, I was able to commission a new one from Robert Altbauer, over at Custom details! Old-timey textures! Accurate biomes! Good times.

Here’s a time-lapse of how the new one came together:

There’s a zoomed-in version of the next-to-last shot on the artist’s Twitter, if you want a closer look at all the little details.

The very last shot involves some changes I made myself — mostly updating the fonts. (There are fonts I use in the comic that I have the license to, but the artist might not.)

I’ll post a larger version of that one on the website eventually. For now, that sight is one of the perks of getting the book.

…And since the deal I made included commercial use in general, maybe I’ll put it on some other merchandise too. Anybody want a Leif & Thorn Map mousepad? A phone case? A canvas bag? Toss some ideas out there, I’ll see what I can do.

Volume 3

Cheers for all the Volume 3 backers

Cheers for all the Volume 3 backers published on No Comments on Cheers for all the Volume 3 backers

This is the post where I credit everyone who backed Leif & Thorn Volume 3!

You’ve set a backer record, a funding record, and the wheels in motion for me to print a whole new book. Thanks to every single one of you.

Volume 3

A Hero and a Scholar

Clara Danao
Izzy “Strontium” Hall

Long-Runner Print of the Narrative

Nikki W.
Katherine R
Caleb Schirmer
Albert Cua
Richard W. Gombert
Andrew Webster
Brittany Kelly (TheGoodDrawer)
Peter Post
Tory S. Morgan
Cathy Green
Paul Cassella
Kyle Albert Anderson
Nolwenn Lahotte

The Book Where It Happens

Jonnie Irvine
Beth Culp
Fir McGrevy-Gilmore
Angela Bacchi

A Print Of The Narrative

Naomi Butcher
Eva S
Meghan McCusker
Liz the Lucky
Kris Preusker
Simone Pietro Spinozzi
Ada Kerman
Susan Wilson
Julie L Spradley
Lenora Rose
Victoria Linnea Conner
Tim Sauke
Olivia Montoya

Long-Runner Scrappy & Digital-Only

Cristov Russell
Jay Lofstead
James Post
Trip Space-Parasite
Einar Petersen
S. Stevenson
Lenore Jean Jones
Eric Müller

Young, Scrappy, & Digital-Only

Jens Bejer Pedersen
Brett Bennett
CJ Gibson
David W
Erin Subramanian

Prompt list

Taking ship prompts for #OTPober

Taking ship prompts for #OTPober published on 44 Comments on Taking ship prompts for #OTPober

Art request meme! I’ll do sketches (and sometimes more than sketches) for the first 15 people who comment with a Leif & Thorn ship, a prompt from column A, and a prompt from Column B:

Prompt list

Character profiles are listed on the Leif & Thorn wiki, in case you want to double-check somebody’s name.

I’m not taking prompts for blood relatives, but other than that, feel free to pick any 2 characters in the strip. (Or any 3+ characters…) Whether their in-universe status is established couple, budding romance, just friends, just enemies, or total strangers — as long as you think a sketch of the romance would be fun, go for it.

Honestly, the canon romances are going to get plenty of art anyway. So if you have an off-the-wall crack ship that’s probably never going to get drawn otherwise? Now would be the time to ask.

Retweetable thread of everything on Twitter here.

  1. Del/Stanczia, starry formal wear
  2. Olive/Kale, first-date game
  3. Pascentia/Violet, autumn reading
  4. Leif/Thorn, wedding dance
  5. Bram/Laceleaf, summer game
  6. Kale/Delphinium, vacation handholding
  7. Archie/Rowan, first-date eye-gazing
  8. Lepida/Quince, late-night costumes
  9. Archie/Rowan/Violet, mealtime comfy sweaters
  10. Hyacinth/Hazel, late-night reading
  11. Ivy/Kallie, summer game
  12. Leif/Thorn/Kale, wedding comfy sweaters
  13. Stanczia/Imri, autumn hand-holding
  14. Vine/Cedar, holiday comfy sweaters
  15. Leif/Kale, late-night costumes

Voting on the exclusive mini-prints for Volume 3

Voting on the exclusive mini-prints for Volume 3 published on No Comments on Voting on the exclusive mini-prints for Volume 3

The Kickstarter to print Volume 3 is off to a great start, so here’s the part where you get to vote on “which art should be used for the exclusive mini-print that goes in every book.”

You have four options this year — the Leachtric one, the “magical girls out-of-training” one, the whole-team-having-fun one, and the classic Leif/Thorn one:

Note: even when there’s text on the preview, the print will be a textless version!

Don’t worry about the different sizes — they’re all high-res enough for these prints, and I’ll adjust them to look good at the right dimensions. Just follow your heart.

The poll will remain open until the Kickstarter fundraising deadline (October 16), and you can vote for your top 2 choices. So, without further ado:

Which illustration do you want on the mini-print with Leif & Thorn Volume 3?
  • Tell Your Own Story 35%, 22 votes
    22 votes 35%
    22 votes - 35% of all votes
  • Shelter From The Storm 24%, 15 votes
    15 votes 24%
    15 votes - 24% of all votes
  • Magical Trio 21%, 13 votes
    13 votes 21%
    13 votes - 21% of all votes
  • Anniversary Team 21%, 13 votes
    13 votes 21%
    13 votes - 21% of all votes
Total Votes: 63
Voters: 46
23 September, 2020 - 16 October, 2020
Voting is closed
© Kama

Advertising Your Webcomic On Twitter (a how-to and a case study)

Advertising Your Webcomic On Twitter (a how-to and a case study) published on 5 Comments on Advertising Your Webcomic On Twitter (a how-to and a case study)

I couldn’t find anyone to talk with about webcomic advertising on Twitter…so I went out and did my own. Here’s how it went.

(This is part of the “how do I webcomic?” series, with useful information on all kinds of comicking-related topics.)

Done a couple months before the Leif & Thorn Volume 3 Kickstarter, because I wanted to see if it was a promising way to advertise the book.

Not going to describe all the step-by-step setup, because there are a lot of generic “how to run a Twitter ad campaign” guides out there already. But I’ll start with some general notes about Stuff I Did, then move on to Useful Tips I Learned.

Continue reading Advertising Your Webcomic On Twitter (a how-to and a case study)

Volume 3 cover reveal!

Volume 3 cover reveal! published on 3 Comments on Volume 3 cover reveal!

The one where I finally get to make a “do it for the Vines” joke. And only, uh, 4 years after it stopped being culturally relevant.

Here’s the new cover, along with the two that go before it:

Just think how pretty those would look all in a row on your bookshelf. Sign up on the Kickstarter pre-launch page to get notified when Volume 3 goes live.

There’s also an unlocked “making of” post on Patreon, which takes you from the original sketch to the final color decisions. (Here’s a preview for next time: Volume 4, at this point, is planned to be the red one.)

And if you like original hand-drawn lineart, pay close attention to this Kickstarter, because it just might be showing up as an offer…

A wave of low-key website upgrades

A wave of low-key website upgrades published on 7 Comments on A wave of low-key website upgrades

I’ve been rolling out a bunch of small-but-useful updates to the Leif & Thorn site lately, and wanted to show them off a bit!

Sorted by volume

As the print volumes build up, I got to thinking there should be an obvious way to jump between them in the digital archives.

…yes, you can do it on the Archive page, but I wanted something even more obvious. For the potential reader who picked up a paperback first, and is visiting the URL on the back for the first time.

So now those jumps are in the row of links above each comic!

Because servers would rather have browsers ask for “one large image” than “lots and lots of tiny images”, the base image looks like this:

Continue reading A wave of low-key website upgrades

If you got to make a live-action adaptation of Leif & Thorn, who would you cast?

If you got to make a live-action adaptation of Leif & Thorn, who would you cast? published on 6 Comments on If you got to make a live-action adaptation of Leif & Thorn, who would you cast?

Pretend for a minute that your budget is unlimited, the reach of your casting call is global, anyone you pick will have no trouble learning whatever language(s) we film in…oh, and the set/crew will magically stay COVID-19-free. It’s a fantasy, okay, we do what we want.

Which actors would you cast to play the Leif & Thorn characters?

Who plays Leif? How about Thorn? The knights? The servants? The magical girls? Your favorite secondary character?

Continue reading If you got to make a live-action adaptation of Leif & Thorn, who would you cast?

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