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30 Day OTP Sexy Art Challenge

30 Day OTP Sexy Art Challenge published on 116 Comments on 30 Day OTP Sexy Art Challenge

(Original on Tumblr.)

Comment with a number and a Leif & Thorn pairing, and I’ll make you a sketch!

Complete gallery of fills.

All character combinations are acceptable – for purposes of this prompt challenge, feel free to assume everyone is bi =)

1 ] Someone’s hanging from the ceiling. [Hyacinth & Thorn]
2 ] By the bed, not on it.
3 ] There’s goo.
4 ] We were cuddling, and it got too intense. [Annie/Birch] [Olive/Geranium]
5 ] Show and tell, but not show and touch.
6 ] Phone sex. [Birch/Annie]
7 ] In the kitchen. [Leif/Katya]
8 ] Confined space (hiding, stuck in closet, now or never and the only place we could find was this bathroom stall). [Hyacinth/Blackthorn/Angelica]
9 ] Orgasm faces.
10 ] That’s gonna leave a mark.
11 ] Your OTP’s nudes.
12 ] There’s so much leather. Where did all of this leather come from? [Holly/Olive]
13 ] If you drop me in this shower, then I swear to God.
14 ] If you stop, then I also swear to God. Please. Don’t stop. [Plum/Clover]
15 ] Riding.
16 ] We wanted to roleplay and the costumes we ordered online are unbelievably tacky, but we tried them on anyway, and now we’re into it. [Stanczia/Imri]
17 ] Did I say you could?
18 ] Missionary with the lights off solely for procreation. Remember. God is watching.
19 ] “Studying” in a dorm room while the roommate is out. [Juniper/Del] [Holly/Violet]
20 ] I’m pretty sure this is a public place. [Holly/Ivy] [Olive/Magnolia] [Violet/Clover]
21 ] “Goodbye” or “we’re divorcing” sex.
22 ] We’re making a sex tape! [Tiernan/Thorn]
23 ] This was supposed to be hot. Stop making me laugh. [Leif/Thorn]
24 ] “Draw me like one of your French girls.”
25 ] We were so eager we couldn’t even get all of our clothes off. [Juniper/D]
26 ] That sure is an entire box of toys beneath your bed.
27 ] Fill as many holes as you can. [Olive/Violet] [Rowan/Florian/Leif/Thorn] [Rowan/Birch/Violet/Thorn/Juniper] [Del/Violet]
28 ] Thigh highs.
29 ] Netflix and chill. [Rowan/Leif]
30 ] Anything — anything your dirty little heart desires. [Violet/Juniper] [Rowan/Violet] [Violet/Astrid]

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Okay – so, “Netflix and chill” is what? kind of cuddly sex while watching tv, or turning the tv on really loud so the neighbors can’t hear your foray into torrid passion? I’ve never understood this phrase vis romance/lust.

Also, Oh gods, sooo many numbers and people I want to see. I assume limit one to a commentor account? hard choices must be made…

Here’s the history of ‘Netflix and chill’ as a meme — the idea is that it’s the thing you invite someone over to your place for, maybe even the thing you start off doing, but then at some point things get steamier.

Let’s say…one number per pairing, to start off with. And that can be expanded later if I have time for more =)

let’s go with this. It’s not in my top 10, but I think, for this pairing, that it’s the one that the most people will appreciate. I’ll let some other people get their favorite pairings/numbers before I start making the selfish requests. XD

16 Lady Stanczia/Lord Imri
Because they have such “refined tastes” and thus are begging for lampooning. I hope you have fun with it, Erin XD


And, listen, I’ve got a long day at work to spice up, so feel free to leave a bunch at once! If other people show up with requests I can always mix it up and fill things out-of-order, so nobody will have to wait too long =)

See, the problem is, I kind of want to 23 & 14 a LOT of pairings, just because that’s awesome – but that takes them “out of the running,” at least initially, and I ‘d hate to eliminate a pairing + number someone else has their heart set on.

…but never let it be said I left a good person hanging. I’ll toss out two more, just to enliven your day. XD

14 Plum/Clover
Because Plum deserves some happy memories. <3 Mom #2!

Does she ever! Their relationship was…complicated. The good times were really good, but the bad times, well. There was a lot of stress.

Flashing back to the early days, before most of the stressful things have descended: Plum/Clover, trying new things.

Fun new things! nicely made. So is it just a warm, smooth rock with tentacles? or does the stone project as many protrusions as you can take?

12 Holly/Olive.
Because I appreciate just how badly every aspect of this would confuse the two of them under normal circumstances.
Unless madam president has a side we haven’t seen yet? hmmMMM!

And because I don’t think anyone actually ships them, so I won’t be limiting others.
And the color scheme is actually really nifty XD

Wow, Olive is super popular for someone who’s only appeared in half a dozen strips. (I mean, she has a ton of lovable characterization in my head, but you folks don’t know about that yet….)

Anyway: Holly/Olive, aged up in order to add leather.

one up, one down XD
4 Anise Birch
because who could resist cuddling that marshmallow?

They’re both cuddlers, so that works great =D

I like her tattoos – nice detail work. Hopefully the puppy can find someone who won’t freak out.
Meanwhile, I wonder which of them is going to cotton on to the best way to pass the time while they wait for extraction XD

23, Leif and Thorn.
And if you’ll do a crossover: 20, Rowan and Carlos from Republic of Heaven Community Radio.

That first one was already on my to-do list, so feel free to ask for another!

I reserve the right to pass on crossovers. (Although that’s definitely something Rowan would do….)

Ha! Okay, hmm… 4, Olive and Geranium.

Olive/Geranium cuddling! Gerri herself will show up in the strip in a couple of months, and with any luck they’ll have a scene together before the year is out.

a scene together…or a scene together? XD this was very cute.

Somehow, I assume the Order of the Horn are…more humorously portrayed in the local media, than the secret service, or, at least, more libidinous – the jokes are too easy, and the country is not repressive enough to stop it XD

While we’re glancing repeatedly at the character list, is there any sort of gendered naming convention in Ceannis? I feel like there’s a correlation with women and flowers, and with men and trees, but that it won’t give you the right answer every time.

Maybe this would be a good time to add more not-yet-appeared characters to the cast page….

The names are gendered based on how they sound to me as a US English speaker — which is mostly flowers=feminine and trees=masculine, yeah. I don’t want readers to be tripped up by having different gender associations than the characters do. Especially in the case of trans characters with self-chosen names.

The Sønska names are getting filtered in a similar way…that is, I’ll start with a page like Norwegian Baby Boy Names, but the only ones that end up on my “possible character name” list are the ones that also ping as masculine to my ear. (Basically the lazy version of Tolkien’s “invent a whole language’s worth of names and then Anglicize the ones that don’t sound correctly-gendered in English” technique.)

Oh, and one more thing: Ceannic names are associated with different ethnicities in-universe. A lot of the main characters have very mainstream Abrean names regardless of their background, so there probably aren’t any obvious patterns yet, but keep an eye out for those =D

3 down, 2 up…let’s make that 3 again – don’t want you getting bored XD

29 (or 30, if you have a really sizzling idea) Olive, Magnolia

Picking the number on this one was stupidly hard XD epic series of wembles. 28, 26, or 17 were all good…but a bit obvious. (20, with a suggestion of something like “on the floor of the local senate-equivalent [in session?]” was also a real temptation, but I actually really want to see what you come up with – you’ve done so brilliantly so far!)

Inspired by your fill for number 23:
29 – Any bilingual (international?) pairing
Because of the potential for Fun With Subtitles, dreadful dubbing, or even dub-vs-subtitle incongruity (especially if there aren’t subtitles* for the English audio so you’re having to make do). Of course, the one upset by the poor translation of their favourite work is going to need cheering up in some way 😉
(I’m aware that Netflix-and-chill isn’t really supposed to be about the Netflix… guess I’m just a hopeless romantic.)

*Also useful for those of us with trouble filtering out background noise (for any of various reasons, it seems).

I’m so glad you left this open-ended, because it let me draw Rowan/Leif, movie night and no chill.

Rowan is the kind of guy who would get Very Upset about translation problems. Leif has no idea what’s getting his partner so worked up, but is willing to roll with it =3

YES. Absolutely PERFECT character choices, and great art (as ever) too – thank you ever so much!
(Will Leif ever learn what actually got Rowan worked up?)

Leif isn’t much for openly questioning the motives of higher-ranked people…and when Rowan gets annoyed, he gets too impatient to do things like “translate a careful explanation into an unfamiliar language.” So as far as Leif is concerned, this may be a mystery for the ages.

Please can I have another go?
3 – any characters who might believably run into the following circumstance (could be Leif and someone, could be Annie and Birch again, could be any couple who sneaked into the janitors’ closet):
The goo in question is the in-universe version of Swarfega. (Apparently not sold in the USA – it’s a heavy-duty hand cleanser, for people who work with motor oil etc. Bright green, general snot-like consistency, strong distinctive smell, and very much not suitable for contact with mucous membranes!)
It was the least sexy goo I could think of…

You can make one prompt for every/any pairing! So the number of gos you can have is…not infinite, but very high. Especially if you really like crackships, and/or are keeping track of minor one-off characters.

…and I confess, I’m currently drawing a blank on who could get a sexy scenario out of World’s Unsexiest Cleaning Fluid. Even for Rowan, that would be a challenge =/

“I’m sorry I put you in the hospital – but the stuff’s called Keen Quay, what else was I supposed to think it was?!”

(yay for accidental puns – whether or not it’s cross-lingual is up to you)

[“(S)warf”/”wharf” -> “quay”, “ega”/”eager” -> “keen”]

[…] sexy art challenge has been a runaway hit, and would love to keep getting prompts. Surprised to see that half of them […]

Welp, since Erin’s request a non-crack, non-canon pairing…I’m going to ignore it and add more crack. because who doesn’t love that? But also canon. Because I want Erin to curse my name.
in delight, obviously.

22 Thorn, Tiernan

Because that is the most crack/canon pairing I could think of.

Fine, one midship coming up XD

19) Juniper, D
Your call entirely on where either of them are in their transitions, or what timeframe to set it in.

Good choice of timing, and this feels very natural. /being an adult


6 Birch/Anise

Because I reallyreally have a thing for them somehow:

Juniper and Violet,
30, 27, 20, 22, 14–in order of preference, with fingers crossed that you’ll have time to do more than one. XD

Oh my! look at you! So demanding <3


Still, good pairing, and fun choices!

Oops I did it wrong, didn’t I?

22) Juniper and Violet.

30) Violet and Olive

27) Secret Agent D and Violet

20) Violet and Clover

14) Olive and (legal) Holly

…and here it is! Violet/Juniper, free space.

OMG YAY!!!! ^___^

And nope, I meant Violet and Clover, complete with age disparities and all. It’s… somewhat of a crack pairing, but also a little interesting in the sense of being able to tease out a little more about the characters. I think I’ll leave it to you to make what you will of it? 😀

second to last day slide in! I’m going to be greedy too XD

30) Violet, Astrid
I don’t know how fangirl Violet is, but the idea of Violet, who seems very serious, engaging with her favorite author, is just to good.


27) Violet, Olive
Because, sometimes, it’s hard for serious people to unwind.

Doubled up on the Olive/Violet prompts…Service topping =)

So, it’s a combination of “Fill dem Holes” and “Whatever you feel like”? Works for me! *flips back to image* Certainly works for me XD I like the insight into Violet’s character. “It’s in the book, so we must follow the Rulez!” And now I am imagining Violet as Kneesocks.

19) Violet, Holly
Not sure what these two were reading, but the results are…interesting!

select one: 30, 29, or 23) Violet, Rowan
I don’t know why, but I can easily see this happening. once. On the upside, Violet knows Rowan well enough to not voice any opinions beyond “I’d prefer it if you did x now” until they’re done.

Ah yeah, some toleration and friendly release of life’s stress…Course, it makes me wonder if Violet knows just the right degree of provocation to turn companionate sex into REALLY ANGRY sex..and if its worth the rant to get the up tempo slamming… XD

And because we need more crack
1)Thorn, Hyacinth
Because who calls their parents to get them unstrapped from a ceiling after their idiot friends forget they’re up there? can be as sexy as Erin wants it.

7) Leif, Katya
because “we’re all in this together,” and “everyone needs to blow off some steam sometime.”

20) Olive, Germanium or Magnolia
Yes, okay, I may like Olive too much XD I like various branches of government working closely together XD sooo many scenario options…

18) Plum, Clover
If the magical fix to allow lesbians to have kids is so expensive, I could see them being very serious minded about it.

(did you think I was joking when I said I had a 50 item list?! XD)

Hey now, you already used your Plum/Clover prompt!

As for the rest…well, I didn’t have any particular plans this weekend. (Nice to see Leif getting some action! Thorn isn’t the only one who can notice that he’s adorable…)

20 Ivy/Holly. Because if Ivy is that enthusiastic when it comes to fandoms, she probably is just as enthusiastic about other stuff.

She sure is.

Holly/Ivy, this is a public ocean!

If you’re living in a bubble, and you haven’t got a care~…!

two crazy kids, one wild summer! And now I’m watching the Grease trailer, with Ivy as the male lead, and Holly as the female lead.

For some reason, seeing this, all I can think of is movie promos…literally, my internal voice is now Don LaFontaine.

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