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101 Kinks: Send me a number and a ship and I’ll write a drabble

101 Kinks: Send me a number and a ship and I’ll write a drabble published on 1 Comment on 101 Kinks: Send me a number and a ship and I’ll write a drabble

(Original on Tumblr.)

Open to almost any set of Leif & Thorn characters — twosomes, threesomes, moresomes, flashbacks about deceased characters, futurefic about child characters, canon ships, crack ships, friend-ships. Won’t do incest, but anything else is fair game. Canon AU prompts welcome!

  1. A/B/O
  2. after an injury, hurt/comfort
  3. almost getting caught
  4. anonymous sex
  5. bad sex/sex fails
  6. barebacking
  7. barely legal
  8. begging
  9. blood play
  10. body swap
  11. body worship
  12. bondage/restraints/collars
  13. break up/make up
  14. breath play
  15. claiming/marking
  16. clothing fetish (medical, military, uniforms, armor)
  17. come marking
  18. coming untouched
  19. courtesan/hooker
  20. cross-dressing/drag
  21. daddy kink
  22. delayed gratification/teasing
  23. dirty talk
  24. dom/sub
  25. double penetration
  26. erotic branding
  27. exhibitionism
  28. finger fucking
  29. first time
  30. fisting
  31. food fetish
  32. forbidden love
  33. fuck buddies/one night stand/casual hookup
  34. fuck or die
  35. fully clothed
  36. gangbang/orgy
  37. gender swap
  38. gentle sex
  39. getting caught
  40. grooming/hair kink
  41. gun/sword/knife play
  42. hand jobs
  43. honeymoon
  44. humiliation
  45. I missed you
  46. I’m sorry
  47. in a car/vehicle
  48. in a mirror
  49. intoxication
  50. jealous
  51. lap-dance/striptease
  52. last time/end of the world
  53. lingerie/panty kink
  54. loud sex
  55. making porn
  56. masturbation
  57. mile high club
  58. mind control/aliens made them do it
  59. mistaken identity
  60. morning sex
  61. multiple orgasm
  62. name kink/pet names
  63. necrophilia
  64. no speaking
  65. oral sex
  66. orgasm delay/denial
  67. phone sex/sexting
  68. pon farr/sex pollen
  69. predator/prey, hunting
  70. promiscuity
  71. public sex/outdoor sex
  72. quickies
  73. rimming
  74. role play
  75. role reversal
  76. rough sex/pain
  77. scent kink
  78. school girl/teacher kink
  79. sensation play/temperature play/over-stimulation
  80. sex as performance/third person watches
  81. sex marathon
  82. sex slaves
  83. sex tapes
  84. sex toys/plugs
  85. shaving
  86. simultaneous orgasm
  87. size kink/size queen
  88. sloppy seconds
  89. soulmates/soul bond
  90. spanking
  91. spit-roasting
  92. swimming pool/hot tub
  93. telepathy
  94. trapped together
  95. underage
  96. voyeurism
  97. wake up in the middle of the night sex/somnophilia
  98. washing/bathing/shower sex
  99. watching porn
  100. wet dreams
  101. wish/fantasy fulfillment

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For an anonymous requester:
51. lap-dance/striptease, Katya and a random dude

(Espionage scenario, because what’s hotter than spies? Written to fit in the In Space AU, though I didn’t have enough words to mention the antennae.)

Katya struts onto the stage, all filmy white gown and silvery heels. She steps out of them, hooks her thighs around the pole, and spins: the gown flows gracefully off her limbs until it trails from one wrist.

The crowd tosses flowers and banknotes onto the stage. Katya’s feet return to the floor; she selects a short dark man and saunters over. When she straddles his lap, she looms.

Breathless, he taps a pocket. She caresses his chest, palms the data crystal between two fingers, cups her breasts together an inch from his face, and tucks it into the band.

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