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Short story: All Downhill From Here

Short story: All Downhill From Here published on 6 Comments on Short story: All Downhill From Here

Hey, if you like Leif & Thorn, and you like AUs, have I got a thing for you.

All Downhill From Here is 13,000 words of fantasy survival hurt/comfort m/m. A diplomatic conference is derailed by an avalanche, leaving native groundskeeper Leif and visiting knight Thorn buried together in the snow. Romantic tension, divided loyalties, malfunctioning magic, and hungry vampires.

And now it’s out!

Get the illustrated version on Paypal ($1.99):

Or: Get ebook-friendly formats on Smashwords (also $1.99).

Or: Support the artist on Patreon and get it as a reward (as little as $1).

Also, if you pay for it on one site but also want a format from the other site, no need to buy it twice. Just comment here or shoot me an email (sailorptah at yahoo dot com) and I’ll send you a copy.

And if fantasy snowbound hurt/comfort with divided loyalties isn’t your thing, stick around, because there will be other stories to come!

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I got to access this via my Patreon support and I can vouch that this story is incredibly sweet and good. A++++ would support again.


…If you can leave this as a review on Smashwords (not sure whether they allow it from people who didn’t purchase the story there, but if it’s possible), you totally should.

In other news, and I will leave this tab open to see the answer, do you know of any way to see comment replies other than haunting the sidebar list of recent comments? I would love to get email notifications on replies, but 15 minutes of googling is not turning up the possibility.

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