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Leif/Thorn Soundtrack – Shelter From The Storm

Leif/Thorn Soundtrack – Shelter From The Storm published on 2 Comments on Leif/Thorn Soundtrack – Shelter From The Storm

We build castles with our hands / On a solid ground they stand / They’re our shelter from the storm / Keep us safe and keep us warm

An all-Eurovision Leif/Thorn mix.

(It had to be done. Multilingual songs are thematically on-point for obvious reasons, and “sparkly, magical, gay” is this world’s whole aesthetic.)

Featuring lots of language switches, steady heartbeats, and stormy seas giving way to bright skies.

Shelter From The Storm from erinptah on 8tracks Radio.

~ ♖ ~ ♖ ~ ♖ ~

Nina Kraljić ♔ Croatia ♔ Lighthouse

Lightning strikes on the sea
Breaking waves around me
Stormy tides and I feel
My ship capsizing…

In devastating times I keep this hope of mine
Even in the darkest night

‘Cause there is a light guiding my way
Keeping me safe when oceans rage
There in the sky, hiding away
Never to die and fade
I know that I’ll find your lighthouse

~ ♖ ~ ♖ ~ ♖ ~

Vanja Radovanović ♕ Montenegro ♕ Inje

Bogu dane otimam
Gubim i kad dobijam
Al’ kad niko ne vidi
Pustim srcu da mu svratiš ti

Živim tek po navici
Kao rob u samici
Al’ kad niko ne čuje
Pustim srce da se raduje

I’m living pointlessly
losing even when I’m winning
but when no one sees
I let you come visit my heart

I’m living just to pass by
like a slave in a solitary confinement
but when no one hears
I let my heart rejoice

~ ♖ ~ ♖ ~ ♖ ~

Francine Jordi ♔ Switzerland ♔ Dans le jardin de mon âme

Dans le jardin de mon âme
Ton cœur est tout en fleurs
Dans le jardin de mon âme
Tu trouveras ta demeure
La plus belle de ses roses
M’a enchantée mille fois
Dans le jardin de mon âme
Il n’y a que toi pour moi

In the garden of my soul
Your heart is covered in flowers
In the garden of my soul
You will find your home
The most beautiful rose
Delighted me a thousand times
In the garden of my soul
There’s only you for me

~ ♖ ~ ♖ ~ ♖ ~

Can-Linn ft. Kasey Smith ♕ Ireland ♕ Heartbeat

The ground may be caving in
And some wounds they may never mend
But we’ll rise up and try again
I know, know
When the shore gets hard to see

Keep your head high above the water
We can make it and break the border
Hold on to my heartbeat

~ ♖ ~ ♖ ~ ♖ ~

Agnete ♔ Norway ♔ Icebreaker

Every single promise that you ever made
Spinning in my mind like a hurricane
Baby, yes, I hear your mayday

I’ll be your icebreaker
When you’re stuck in frozen water

~ ♖ ~ ♖ ~ ♖ ~

Amir Haddad ♕ France ♕ J’ai cherché

Tu m’as
Comme donné l’envie d’être moi
Donné un sens à mes pourquoi
Tu as tué la peur qui dormait là
Qui dormait là dans mes bras

You gave me the will to be myself
Gave a meaning to my questions
You have killed the fear that was sleeping here
That was sleeping here, in my arms

You, you’re the one that’s making me strong
I’ll be looking looking for you
Like the melody of my song

~ ♖ ~ ♖ ~ ♖ ~

Birgitta Haukdal ♔ Iceland ♔ Open Your Heart

Everything you share with me
Turns a little darkness into light
And that is how we’re meant to be
Truth will keep the light shining brighter

Open your heart, show me the pain
It’s all part of who you are
Tell me your dreams, your hopes and your fears
Just open your heart to me

~ ♖ ~ ♖ ~ ♖ ~

Takasa ♕ Switzerland ♕ You and Me

We build castles with our hands
On a solid ground they stand
They’re our shelter from the storm
Keep us safe and keep us warm
No, there’s nothing that can hurt us, whatever there may come

Ah… let it hear from near and far
This is how it’s meant to be
We’re together, you and me
Ah… nothing can tear us apart
Sailing on a stormy sea
We’re together, you and me

~ ♖ ~ ♖ ~ ♖ ~

Alma ♔ France ♔ Requiem

Will you take me to paradise?
With you nothing ever dies
You take my smile and make it bright
Before the night erased the light

Ce soir enfin je n’ai plus peur
Je sais que je t’aimerai encore
Quand la Terre ne tournera plus

Embrasse-moi, dis-moi que tu m’aimes
Fais-moi sourire au beau milieu d’un requiem

Tonight finally I’m no longer afraid
I know I will love you again
When the Earth will not turn

Kiss me, tell me you love me
Make me smile in the middle of a requiem

~ ♖ ~ ♖ ~ ♖ ~

Hera Björk ♕ Iceland ♕ Je ne sais quoi

I am standing strong
I’ve overcome the sadness in my life
Now I look up and see the brightest sky above me
And it’s reflecting in your eyes

Je ne sais quoi
I know you have a special something
Je ne sais quoi, oh
Something I just can’t explain

And when I see your face I wanna follow my emotions
Je ne sais pas pourquoi

~ ♖ ~ ♖ ~ ♖ ~

Kate Ryan ♔ Belgium ♔ Je t’adore

You spun me out and you made my senses fly
Shook me up when you took me to the sky
Never thought that I could ever get this high

Je t’adore and I can’t conceal it
Je t’adore, anyone can see it
You give me just a little more
Of everything I’ve waited for
Ooh yeah…

Je t’adore, here’s my heart, so take it
Je t’adore, only you can break it
You got me fallen to the floor
Any way you want, I’m yours

~ ♖ ~ ♖ ~ ♖ ~

Nicky Byrne ♕ Ireland ♕ Sunlight

Hold on to me and let me hold on to you
We don’t look back, we let it slide out of view
There’s no tomorrow so let’s live in the here and now
We’ll be standing out in the sunlight
We stay together, we’ll live forever
In the sunlight
It’s now or never, you know you better

Just touch who you wanna, kiss who you gotta
Fight like we’re winners, love like beginners
Dance like you mean it, sing like you feel it
Everything’s better standing out in the sun

~ ♖ ~ ♖ ~ ♖ ~

Jedward ♔ Ireland ♔ Waterline

Flood gates, can’t wait
Here she comes, shut em fast
Better shut ’em fast
Too late, swept away
Feel the rush after the fact

Coming up beneath me
Never been in love so deeply before

I am close to the waterline
I thought that I’d been over my head
For the last time
I’m so close to the waterline
And the way I`m loving her now
I know this is bound to go down as the big one

~ ♖ ~ ♖ ~ ♖ ~

Yulia Samoilova ♕ Russia ♕ I Won’t Break

My heart is in command
No longer in the dark
My castle in the sand
Is now made of stone and rock

The memory and you
The things I’ve been through
And everything I do
We start believing by the minute
Now that I’m in it, now that I’m it

I won’t break, I won’t break, yeah
We’ve come through emotions
From the deepest of oceans
And straight from my heart

~ ♖ ~ ♖ ~ ♖ ~

Amaia & Alfred ♔ Spain ♔ Tu canción

Sé que en ti puedo encontrar
Esa voz que me abriga si el tiempo va mal
Todo es perfecto si estás
A mi lado creando una nueva ciudad

Siento que bailo por primera vez
Eres el arte que endulza la piel
De mi mente viajera que sigue tus pies
Siento que bailo por primera vez

I know that in you I can find
That voice that shelters me if the time goes wrong
Everything is perfect if you are
Beside me creating a new city

I feel like dancing for the first time
You are the art that sweetens the skin
From my traveling mind that follows your feet
I feel like dancing for the first time

~ ♖ ~ ♖ ~ ♖ ~

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