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Learning and helping each other for webcomic artists (a #WebcomicChat compilation)

Learning and helping each other for webcomic artists (a #WebcomicChat compilation) published on No Comments on Learning and helping each other for webcomic artists (a #WebcomicChat compilation)

Some topics that are more about dealing with practical Life Concerns, outside of the art itself.

April 15: Art Education

Lots of influences, sure — discussed more on the inspiration post — but they’re all artists (comics, illustrators, writers) rather than educators.

Favorite story-writing influences: L. Frank Baum, Octavia Butler. For comedy-writing specifically, Stephen Colbert.

Visual-art-wise, Alphonse Mucha. Comic creators that I’ve gotten the most from: Naoko Takeuchi, Kohta Hirano.

I’ve gone to a bunch of local figure-drawing sessions (most of the results are NSFW) not affiliated with any school or class. Those can be great.

Went to an art high school, buuuut I was there for the literature program. Did get into one of the art courses — as a junior without the full background of the art-track juniors, I got placed with a sophomore class.

When deciding whether to place me at all, the teacher opened with “draw an eye.” (I asked if they wouldn’t mind me staring into their face as a reference.) When I had a passable drawing, they said with relief, “Oh, good, you didn’t draw one of those anime eyes.”

Like…c’mon, I was/am a huge anime nerd, but I did know that wasn’t the point of the class.

The value of an actual art degree is so unreliable that it’s a punchline, but I do wish I’d taken more art classes in college. My BS degrees have been, uh, of limited use, and at least the art would’ve been fun.

See Resources for Making Webcomics!

I avoid Pinterest because of its reputation for being bad at sourcing, and for making it hard to find an artist’s original post. At least on Deviantart, and sometimes on Tumblr, you usually get tutorials posted by the artist who made them.

Auto-Bio Comics

Slice-of-life is about fictional characters, autobio is about yourself (and might not actually fall under slice-of-life, depending on how exciting your life is).

I run out of interesting autobio material pretty quickly. It’s why Webcomic Woes doesn’t have a fixed update schedule, so I can draw it based on when something funny happens.

June 3: Helping Each Other

Recommend each other’s work, draw fanart, do exchanges, share advice & resources, support each other’s Kickstarters and Patreons when possible, follow on blogs & social media, promote with likes & reblogs.

“Be excellent to each other” is always a good star to steer by.

Personally, I make a bunch of stock backgrounds & repeating tiled patterns that are free to use. And I have a standing offer to do guest-art swaps with other webcomic artists! If you want some cross-promotional energy with an audience that’s into LGBTQ+ fantasy/comedy, hit me up.

Gloomverse fanart. (Not part of a swap; this one was spontaneous.)

Con stuff. I really wish I had a con buddy – either someone full of experience who can give lots of advice, or just someone I could split the cost of a table with and look out for each other’s merchandise while the other makes a bathroom run.

In the meantime, I do a fair amount of looking up other people’s “how I did this cool thing” tutorials, or “the brushes I use for this effect” freebies.

July 8: Spam

Seems like I was the only person on Twitter who’s never gotten “please read my comic, here’s an unsolicited link” spam. Even when I’m actually doing rec posts, I barely get solicited links.

Most of the spam I get is on my websites, but Wordpress filters it so effectively that I never have to deal with 99.9% of it. As a result, most of the spam I encounter is via email.

…really, I’m mostly adding this here so you get a link to some choice excerpts from my Akismet spam filter.

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