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Guest Strip Week 2018 open for submissions

Guest Strip Week 2018 open for submissions published on 2 Comments on Guest Strip Week 2018 open for submissions

Good news: Leif & Thorn is accepting guest strips again!

I didn’t get enough to fill a week in March, but I did get a few…and those will definitely be posted at the end of October. It’ll be a nice breather after the ends of the Volume I Kickstarter and the six-month (!!) Leachtric storyline.

I’d love to stretch out that break by adding a few more strips to the ones I’ve been saving. So if you have a great Leif & Thorn bonus idea, now’s the time!

Submissions will be open until September 30.

You can use any AU, explore any era, include any headcanons.

When you submit the strip, include whatever name you want to be credited by. And, if you like, a link to your gallery/blog/fanfiction account/webcomic/Etsy store.

Format: PNG, GIF, or JPG
Size: up to 825×825 pixels
Rating: up to PG-13 (basically, match the tone of the strip)
Characters: whoever you want!

Safest way to get the strips to me is by email (sailorptah at gmail dot com). You can also PM me on Deviantart, or submit them via Tumblr.

Happy stripping!

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