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All the webcomic fandoms in #Yuletide 2018!

All the webcomic fandoms in #Yuletide 2018! published on No Comments on All the webcomic fandoms in #Yuletide 2018!

The tag set for this year’s Yuletide, the small-fandom fic exchange, is out!

Signups open October 10. (Here’s the full schedule, and here’s how signups work.)

To help you start planning your requests ahead of time, I’ve compiled all the options for webcomics and their characters. Pick from your long-time favorites, or take the opportunity to fall in love with something new!

Note: These are alphabetized by English-language title. That’s not always how they’re sorted on AO3, so ctrl+F if you have trouble finding anything.

Extra notes:
† this comic is at least partly behind a paywall.
♥ this is a personal favorite!

Webcomic fandoms in Yuletide 2018:

Breaks (Webcomic) (4)
Harvey Hunt, Irena, Cortland Hunt, Ian Tanner

The Center For Otherworld Science (Webcomic) (4)
Blue, Danika “Dani” Jones, Dr. Jennifer “Jen” Kim, Dr. Maggie “Mags” Ng

Cheese in the Trap
Characters nominated: Baek In Ha, Baek In Ho, Hong Seol, Yu Jeong

The Devil’s Temptation (Webcomic) (3)
Alek, Hyun Lee, Ivan Mariani

Dumbing of Age (4)
Amber O’Malley, Dina Saruyama, Joyce Brown, Sal Walkerton

Empowered (4)
Thugboy, Elissa Megan Powers | Empowered, Ninjette, Sistah Spooky

Girl Genius (Webcomic) (4)
Agatha Heterodyne, Gilgamesh Wulfenbach, Klaus Wulfenbach, Tarvek Sturmvoraus

Gunnerkrigg Court (4)
Antimony Carver, Jones, Katerina Donlan, Reynardine

Hark! A Vagrant (0)
[no characters nominated]

Heartstopper (Webcomic) (2)
Charles “Charlie” Spring, Nicholas “Nick” Nelson

Hemlock (Webcomic) (3)
Simo, Lumi, Sindri

The Hole the Fox Did Make (Webcomic) (3)
Cheryl, Regan, Whispering Woman

How To Be A Werewolf (Webcomic) (4)
Elias Ross, Malaya Dysangco Walters, Marisa Salcedo, Vincent Dysangco Walters

Killing Stalking (Webcomic) (3)
Oh Sangwoo, Yang Seungbae, Yoon Bum

Lackadaisy (Webcomic) (8)
Atlas May, Elsa Bastion, Ivy Pepper, Mitzi May, Mordecai Heller, Nico Savoy, Serafine Savoy, Viktor Vasko

Lady of the Shard (Webcomic) (4)
Acolyte, All-Goddess, Old God, Radiant Goddess

The Last Halloween (Webcomic) (4)
Mona, Robert, Slugger, Splitter

Leif & Thorn (Webcomic) (8)
Lady Stanczia, Lord Imri, Agent Delphinium, Kale, Leif of Sønheim, Matatuhi Kaihanga, Patotara Kaihanga, Thorn Estragon

Lessa (Webcomic) (3)
Ares, Lucy Berger, Ryan Anderson

Looking for Group (Webcomic) (4)
Bunny, Sooba, Cale’Anon Vatay, Richard

Moonlight Garden
Characters nominated: Lee Dohwa, Suh Hyewon, Yoosun

Motherlover (Webcomic) (4)
Alexis Koenig, Imogen Dawson, Jacqueline, Jonathan Dawson

Narbonic (3)
Dave Davenport (Victorian Era), Dr. Pim, Helen Narbon (Victorian Era)

Nimona (Webcomic) (3)
Ambrosius Goldenloin, Ballister Blackheart, Nimona

Nothing Special (Webcomic) (4)
Calliope “Callie” Benson, Declan, Lasser, Radish

Novae (Webcomic) (2)
Raziol Qamar, Sulvain

Oglaf (Webcomic) (4)
Cumsprite, Ivan, Sandoval, Vanka

The Order of the Stick (9)
Sigdi Thundershield, Zhou Bo, Belkar Bitterleaf, Elan, Haley Starshine, Hinjo, Lien, Therkla, Vaarsuvius

Pandora’s Choice (manhwa)
Christopher Blais, Jeremy Durand, Pandora Blais, Victor Durand

Paper Roses (Webcomic) (2)
Akio, Hiro

Paranatural (Webcomic) (0)
[no characters nominated]

The Perfect Relationship (Webcomic) (2)
Shin Hyukjoon, Shin Minjae

Questionable Content (Webcomic) (4)
Shame Orb, Yelling Bird, Bubbles, Faye Whitaker

Raruurien (Webcomic) (4)
Raed, Rashad Ibn Raed, Rien Al Ashab, Ruu

A Redtail’s Dream (Webcomic) (2)
Hannu Viitanen, Samuli Tiira

Sign (Webcomic) (4)
Go Yohan, Kang Soohwa, Oh Byung, Oh Gyoon

Sleepless Domain (Webcomic) (4)
Anemone, Kokoro | Heartful Punch, Sylvia Skylark | Alchemical Air, Undine Wells | Alchemical Water

Small Trolls (Webcomic) (2)
Jáhko Hammarström, Veeti Harmonsuo

Spill Zone (Webcomic) (3)
Addison Merrick, Lexa Merrick, Vespertine

Stand Still Stay Silent (7)
Emil Västerström, Lalli Hotakainen, Mikkel Madsen, Onni Hotakainen, Reynir Árnason, Sigrun Eide, Tuuri Hotakainen

Trying Human (4)
EBE1, Phillis Lennox, Rose Williams, Hue

Unhinged (Webcomic) (4)
Box, Derek, Erika, Paul Robinson

Warehouse (Webcomic) (2)
Jung Sungho, Kim Dohyun

Wilde Life (Webcomic) (4)
Darcy Flores, Eliza Proctor, Oscar Wilde, Clifford Norman

A wolf goes for a walk in the woods and meets a dog for the first time (Comic) (3)
Dog (walk in the woods), Narrator (walk in the woods), Wolf (walk in the woods)

Year in Hereafter (Webcomic) (2)
Veeti Harmonsuo, Jaakko Ilmarinen

If you notice any missing or incorrect information, comment and let me know!

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