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The Leif & Thorn wiki is back up, and sparklier than ever

The Leif & Thorn wiki is back up, and sparklier than ever published on No Comments on The Leif & Thorn wiki is back up, and sparklier than ever

After some serious code finagling, Crystalpedia is functional again!

In some ways it’s more functional than before. I decided to roll up my sleeves and edit the main template PHP — I’d been nervous about touching it, so I kept relying on plugins that splice in bits of code you have to upload in separate little files. Pretty sure an outdated plugin was part of why the site broke in the first place.

…note, the wiki runs on DokuWiki, which is a whole separate content-management system from the Wordpress installation that the comic runs on. Wordpress developers, as a general cultural trend, care about making pretty visual interfaces and plain-language documentation and being accessible to users who’ve never so much as edited their own HTML.

DokuWiki is more “don’t worry if you need to disable this Javascript warning on your corporate intranet, you can just add the following PHP to your config file.” It’s hard to find plugins for some functions, because they’re so easy, why wouldn’t you just edit the files directly? And if you find a certain plugin kinda inconvenient or non-intuitive, or if it’s so out-of-date that it broke, why wouldn’t you just code yourself a better one?

Well, I’m not fluent in enough coding languages to go around creating new plugins from scratch. But I can keep up with enough of it that I decided to give “editing some template files directly” a shot.

And so far, so good! Relatively-simple edits have bypassed the need for at least 4 of the plugins that were installed before. Plus, along the way I figured out how to ditch the hard-coded pixel dimensions of the logo. So there’s a new one! A nicer, wider one!

(I’m not giving the wiki its own set of switchable site themes, though. At least, not today.)

There’s still a spambot problem if I leave user-registration open, so it’s off for now. I manually recreated the accounts of everyone I was sure was a real person. It…did not take long.

If you want the power to edit and expand the Crystalpedia articles, drop a comment here asking for an account, and I’ll get you registered!

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