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If you got to make a live-action adaptation of Leif & Thorn, who would you cast?

If you got to make a live-action adaptation of Leif & Thorn, who would you cast? published on 6 Comments on If you got to make a live-action adaptation of Leif & Thorn, who would you cast?

Pretend for a minute that your budget is unlimited, the reach of your casting call is global, anyone you pick will have no trouble learning whatever language(s) we film in…oh, and the set/crew will magically stay COVID-19-free. It’s a fantasy, okay, we do what we want.

Which actors would you cast to play the Leif & Thorn characters?

Who plays Leif? How about Thorn? The knights? The servants? The magical girls? Your favorite secondary character?

I don’t need people to be perfectly-exact about the identities matching up, because we’re limited to already-known faces — you don’t get to do a casting call for “unknown aspiring actors, if you’re a tall teenage queer intersex tan-skinned half-South-Asian half-Jewish girl, audition now to play Hyacinth.” As long as their appearance is a solid match, it’s probably good, you know?

For instance: the Zikos siblings weren’t designed to be specifically fantasy!African, but Michelle Mosalakae is “oh heck somebody made a wish on a star that turned Pascentia into a Real Girl.”

Full disclosure: there’s a few characters where I deliberately based their appearances on specific actors.

I’m not going to list them all here, because maybe people will have cool alternative ideas! But if you remember me mentioning them — or if they’re obvious enough to guess — feel free to include them in your responses.

Sure, it’s a bit of a gimme, but “Laurel Cerise is played by Indya Moore” is not wrong.

So with all that said, the floor is open! What are your favorite Leif & Thorn casting ideas?

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For everyone – here is the Link to the characterpicture on DeviantArt:

For the Actors..
The thing is: I’m old. I knew actors, that were young, but are old now. They would be a perfect fit like 20 years ago including not just look, but also the acting skill and their will to go full out queer. Not every actor feels comfortable doing that. Since this a fantasy cast, so I hope, time machine fantasy is okay.
Oh, and my cast is all german, because American/English would be less challenging. So sometimes the skincolor is not really on point.)

Leif- Matthias Schweighöfer (Because the difference between him acting serious and him pushing a smile is so huge. Also I think, he’d totally rock this. Unfortunately, he’s 38 and to old >.<)
Leif – Lucas Reiber (fits more the age)
Thorn – Arnel Tači (might be a bit pale… I'd love to see the total pale Henning Baum there. I think, he sports the nose and the heroic stuff. Also he has proven wonderful with showing mental illness on screen)
Kale/Kudzu – Elyas M’Barek (is also to old. But his skills would have matched Kales character in every way. Deep down sagness, klingyness, the ability to go all out)
The Woman in Black – Gizem Emre (More because of her really cool acting)
Rowan Muscade – Aram Arami
Agend D10 – Richard Horatio „Rick“ Kavanian (is also to old. And maybe a bit pale. But talking aout their georgious husband and beeing over the top at all times? He can definetly do that)
Sven Nibelungsen – Max von der Groeben (He's older, than he looks)
Laurel Cerise – Florence Kasumba
Manager Ludolf – Sky du Mont (like 15 years ago)
Lady Stanczia – Nina Hagen (30 years ago minimum… She's got voice)

Lucas Reiber would make a very cute Leif! And, hm, Arnel Tači does have a good serious Thorn face…

Max von der Groeben could play a younger Sven, but he doesn’t seem old enough to have 11-year-old daughters yet!

Florence Kasumba could do a pretty cool Laurel. And a younger Nina Hagen looks like she’d have Stanczia’s vibe nailed.

First things first: I hardly ever comment on the comics I read on the web but I really do appreciate your work! (And finally set up a patreon by the way)

That said I nominate another German actress:
Marie Mouroum would be my choice for Violet

Awesome, thank you!

That’s a very cool video. Always glad to have names of visibly-muscular actresses, too — finding them for a lot of these roles has been…a challenge. (Not because they don’t exist, obviously, but because Hollywood doesn’t give them much showtime.)

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