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Volume 3 cover reveal!

Volume 3 cover reveal! published on 3 Comments on Volume 3 cover reveal!

The one where I finally get to make a “do it for the Vines” joke. And only, uh, 4 years after it stopped being culturally relevant.

Here’s the new cover, along with the two that go before it:

Just think how pretty those would look all in a row on your bookshelf. Sign up on the Kickstarter pre-launch page to get notified when Volume 3 goes live.

There’s also an unlocked “making of” post on Patreon, which takes you from the original sketch to the final color decisions. (Here’s a preview for next time: Volume 4, at this point, is planned to be the red one.)

And if you like original hand-drawn lineart, pay close attention to this Kickstarter, because it just might be showing up as an offer…

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