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Taking ship prompts for #OTPober

Taking ship prompts for #OTPober published on 44 Comments on Taking ship prompts for #OTPober

Art request meme! I’ll do sketches (and sometimes more than sketches) for the first 15 people who comment with a Leif & Thorn ship, a prompt from column A, and a prompt from Column B:

Prompt list

Character profiles are listed on the Leif & Thorn wiki, in case you want to double-check somebody’s name.

I’m not taking prompts for blood relatives, but other than that, feel free to pick any 2 characters in the strip. (Or any 3+ characters…) Whether their in-universe status is established couple, budding romance, just friends, just enemies, or total strangers — as long as you think a sketch of the romance would be fun, go for it.

Honestly, the canon romances are going to get plenty of art anyway. So if you have an off-the-wall crack ship that’s probably never going to get drawn otherwise? Now would be the time to ask.

Retweetable thread of everything on Twitter here.

  1. Del/Stanczia, starry formal wear
  2. Olive/Kale, first-date game
  3. Pascentia/Violet, autumn reading
  4. Leif/Thorn, wedding dance
  5. Bram/Laceleaf, summer game
  6. Kale/Delphinium, vacation handholding
  7. Archie/Rowan, first-date eye-gazing
  8. Lepida/Quince, late-night costumes
  9. Archie/Rowan/Violet, mealtime comfy sweaters
  10. Hyacinth/Hazel, late-night reading
  11. Ivy/Kallie, summer game
  12. Leif/Thorn/Kale, wedding comfy sweaters
  13. Stanczia/Imri, autumn hand-holding
  14. Vine/Cedar, holiday comfy sweaters
  15. Leif/Kale, late-night costumes

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Leif and Thorn wedding dance,

And if I can be cheeky

Hyacinth and Hazel, late night reading

Kale Romarin and Olive Romarin (unless I missed something and they are blood relations). First date game.

Archie and Rowan, first date eye-gazing


Delphinium and Stanczia, starry formal wear.

A6 and B13 please!

Going for some of my favorite side characters: Laceleaf, Bramble and Bramble’s kids.

Is it a regular kids activity day at the aquarium? Are they all out to the beach? You tell (& show) us!

Agent Del + Kale Handholding on a holiday.

or, if I may be cheeky

Unless this counts as Blood Relative: Main Universe!Kale and Magical Thorn AU!Kudzu Late-night tears. Those boys deserve some self-care in a thematically dark moment.

Quince/Lepida, Late night+costumes. (The “We are also here!” ship. Essentially the thought was hey, what if they’re having a romance in the background of the Kolpovision party while the camera is focused on… basically everyone else.)

And, if you still have space, Moss/Marula/Juniper with mealtime+kisses. (Moss deserves more art about her and could be a good peacekeeping influence on the otherwise tumultuousness of Marula/Juniper, so I think the three of them could balance each other out.

…look, I’m a sucker for very dangerous and scary people being soft for exactly one (1) or two (2) people and for stable triads.)

Pascentia and Violet, autumn reading! They can be reading to each other, one reads the other has head in lap or on shoulder , reading together, dramatically reading, or reading via Crystal device. Soooooo hot!

Ivy Muscade and Kallie Neineikura summer game, please.
They would have fun with Ivys water magic and Kallie did say she liked being tossed around.
I wonder if they are likely to meet in-universe. Ivy would go “kyuuuuute” for sure, and Atarangi would not approve. 😀

Not sure if I should post this, so if I’m overthinking this please ignore my wall of text. I just want to get it off my chest.
When I first saw Erin is taking prompts I got all excited. You can do this, I told myself. Not like on my first and so far only con. Then I was virtually paralyzed when an artist whose book I bought asked what he should draw for me with the signature. Absolutely not a single idea at that moment.
I can do better than that and show that I understand the characters of my favorite comics and prompt something that makes sense. Though I don’t have any real ships I wanted to come up with something.
So I started thinking about Kallie, would be fun to see more of her. Considering what we know of her she’d be thrilled to interact with a giant. Kallie x Violet is canon and we got plenty of Violet anyway. Who else would like to juggle a Tamaputian? Tansy probably would, but she had her fun at the party carrying Mata and Pato. Ivy had briefly met them in Landslide Bring Me Down. For her reaction to the Tamaputians I suppose she would like the interaction as much as Kallie would. Also, we got this surfing sketch (which I didn’t find until later).
Guess what, at this point I totally forgot about the words romance, shipping and not sure if I grasp what #OTPober actually means. Not blood relatives, but I didn’t consider their age difference. So when I realized I accidentally shipped a teenager with someone twice her age I started to worry. Nobody mentioned it so far so I hope it’s not too awkward. If so I’m sorry, especially that I didn’t say anything before the sketch was done.
Thanks for reading and have a nice weekend.

The only type of ship I said I wouldn’t draw was incest, and I meant it! Prompts with people from different ages is totally fine. I mean, this isn’t even a May-December couple, it’s more of a June-August couple.

I drew Ivy in the sketch a little older than she is in canon, but wasn’t going to make a big deal out of it. (Canon has time travel, there are established AUs where characters are older or younger, and most importantly: this is just…how normal aging works.)

I don’t have any OTPs that haven’t already been hit, but seeing this prompt list has given me the somewhat mischievous desire to see Vine in a comfy sweater. So maybe holiday comfy sweaters with Vine and…eh, let’s go with Cedar?

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