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Leif & Thorn shipping news (no, the other kind of shipping)

Leif & Thorn shipping news (no, the other kind of shipping) published on 3 Comments on Leif & Thorn shipping news (no, the other kind of shipping)

The Volume 3 packing station is in full swing. Featuring large boxes of books, and small piles of Stuff What Goes With The Books:

Packing supplies

Orders from Kickstarter backers are starting to go in the mail! That’s right, campaign funds are officially being siphoned out of my bank account and redirected to the US Postal Service. More details on the campaign page.

If you missed the campaign, don’t worry: you can now officially order the Volume 3 paperback on Gumroad.

I wasn’t able to make that a preorder page for a later date — so just keep in mind that I’ll start shipping Gumroad purchases once all the Kickstarter preorders are covered. (Or maybe once all the easy ones are covered. There’s always a few problem cases in the batch…)

Thanks for a great campaign, everyone! And stick around, because we’ll be back to fund the But I’m A Cat Person omnibus before you know it.

Packing supplies

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Hi Erin! I got my book in the mail last weekend and I’m already on my second read. I wanted to let you know that I found a typo. On page 13, the author commentary below the comic says “…while this imeeting s from the school year that just ended.” I also saw that in the Special Thanks section at the back of the book, I’m credited as “Isabel” which isn’t a name I go by (it’s my legal name.)I’d prefer to be credited as Izzy or Strontium. If you choose to do a reprint later on it’d mean a lot to me if my name was changed. Thanks so much for the great book!
(also noticed I spelled my own name wrong in the “Name” section… haha)

Thought to myself “I could’ve sworn I remembered fixing that exact typo,” then I opened up the files and…welp, they printed from the original “use this to make the proof” interior, not the “here’s the updated version I made after seeing the proof” interior.

Luckily there wasn’t anything serious missing from the original file, just…awkward D:

If there’s a reprint I’ll definitely fix it, as well as making sure the name is right! (Volume 2 is already looking like it might need a reprint next year, so there’s a good chance Volume 3 will follow suit.)

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