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With the Support of Readers Like You

With the Support of Readers Like You published on No Comments on With the Support of Readers Like You

A post to showcase the kinds of cool stuff you can get by supporting Leif & Thorn on Patreon.

Note: Almost all the posts are worksafe! There are a handful of 18+ posts, and there’s no way to just mark those posts (it’s a big feature gap on Patreon’s part), so you’ll get generic “this account is 18+” messages on everything. I’ll give you a real warning if I link to anything actually NSFW, don’t worry.

Patrons get exclusive wallpapers, of course — a new one every month, so I get to talk about those regularly. Most months I alternate between BICP and Leif & Thorn.

But Did You Know(TM), there are also…

Deleted scenes and process posts

Any Leif & Thorn strip that gets a lot of rearranging, I might make a post about the process. Like in the “Thorn tells Leif about his dragon injuries” Sunday arc:

There’s also a lot to say about thumbnailing some of the larger Sunday strips.

And about the art and the new coloring techniques used in the Kolpovision party splash panel:

Alt versions of strips, like these from 2020, that were completely finished before I decided to change something:

There’s a group of alts that are all just from Plus Ones. Some storylines are like that.

And a whole cut strip from Training Wreck:

So many roundups of deleted scenes! I’m not posting the previews for all of them, they’re such a regular thing. Sketches that start with pre-launch stuff from 2015, and sketches and deleted scenes from 2016,and unfinished illustrations from 2017-2018, and sketches plus deleted panels of 2019, and unfinished sketches through the start of 2020

Most recently, a bunch of deleted scenes and alternate strips came out of Borrowing Trouble:

Development notes for characters

Backstory! Progress sketches! Notes that might or might not make it to canon, in the final reckoning. Here’s the one about creating Atarangi:

A follow-up on Atarangi in the post revealing Thorn’s new knights, Kokum and Senna.

There’s also this whole post about the Woman in Black.

The one about Kudzu has early design sketches and a bonus strip (it’s not in the online archive, but it will be printed in Volume 4):

The post about Marula got so long…

…that I had to make it a 2-parter.

Other times, a range of bonuses get bundled together. The post with development notes about the Quarantine With The Vampire servants also has deleted scenes of 2020.

Development notes for…not characters

Sometimes the architecture needs love too, you know? Which is why there’s a whole post about [finally] creating a consistent floor plan for Tansy and Larch’s house:

And that kinda leads into the post about plotting the end of the Kolpovision party (with bonus notes about Hermosa, Dr. Glazier, and Pascentia).

There’s also a layout post for Hermosa’s medical room — although I didn’t tell readers exactly where it was yet. (I try to keep these posts light on Actual Spoilers.)

Exclusive and first-look bonus art

Some of the Patreon-exclusive art posts are Fanservice with a capital F. I’m not sharing any of those previews here; have a link to the whole NSFW tag, and (assuming you’re at least 18) enjoy.

Other times the bonus art is just cute.

Some posts aren’t exclusive forever; patrons just get the first look. Like this timelapse of the 2020 Christmas special.

Or this Tamaputian height chart, which patrons got to see back in May. It’ll be on the site…probably in September? But as of this writing, you can’t see it anywhere else:

If you’re really lucky, once in a while, you’ll get some bonus fiction. Like this flashfic about Tiernan’s daily routine. (Maybe I’ll put that in a book one day.)

Book news and updates

Sometimes the update is just “check out the Kickstarter that just launched,” but there’s meatier stuff too. In the middle of the Volume 2 Kickstarter, I did a post with behind-the-scenes details of the process.

There’s another about the re-coloring I did in Volume 3.

Patrons also got the Volume 3 cover reveal first.

And since we’re only a few months away (!!) from the launch of Leif & Thorn Volume 4, the next Cover Art Preview is coming up soon. Like, within the next couple of weeks, soon.

If that sounds like the kind of thing you don’t want to miss…new subscribers are always welcome.

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