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Volume 4: Blazing Stars cover reveal

Volume 4: Blazing Stars cover reveal published on 1 Comment on Volume 4: Blazing Stars cover reveal

It’s the Fantasy Eurovision book, it’s the one where things keep going up in flames, I will be making so many Fire Saga jokes.

Here’s the new cover! With the earlier 3 lined up below it:

There’s a “making of” post on Patreon, where you can see the entire process from “sketchy pose tests” to “adding the last specks of flame.”

And the Kickstarter has a pre-launch page, where you can get notified when it goes live!

As usual, I’m doing Early Bird rewards — the first 15 backers who pledge over a certain amount get to prompt me for a Leif & Thorn sketch, which goes in the final version of the book. You don’t want to miss out.

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