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Webcomics you can offer/request in the Yuletide 2021 exchange

Webcomics you can offer/request in the Yuletide 2021 exchange published on No Comments on Webcomics you can offer/request in the Yuletide 2021 exchange

Yuletide, the annual small-fandoms fanfiction exchange, is open for sign-ups again!

I collected all the webcomic fandoms in the tag set (plus all the characters you can request for each one), and added links to where you can read them online. Fandom tags are in the order/format AO3 puts them, which is why they’re not totally consistent, but all the actual titles seem to be right.

If you feel like getting involved, Yuletide sign-up instructions are here.

1/0 – Tailsteak (Webcomic)

  1. Barnacle Jones (1/0)
  2. Petitus (1/0)
  3. Zadok (1/0)

Apothecia (Webcomic)

  1. Jessie (Apothecia)
  2. Spore Alien (Apothecia)

Bard Quest (Webcomic)

  1. King (Bard Quest)
  2. Swamp Wizard (Bard Quest)
  3. Bard (Bard Quest)
  4. Flothers (Bard Quest)

Batman: Wayne Family Adventures (Webcomic)

  1. Cassandra Cain (Wayne Family Adventures)
  2. Dick Grayson (Wayne Family Adventures)
  3. Duke Thomas (Wayne Family Adventures)
  4. Jason Todd (Wayne Family Adventures)
  5. Stephanie Brown (Wayne Family Adventures)
  6. Tim Drake (Wayne Family Adventures)

Bottled Up (Webcomic)

  1. Arnick Stilton
  2. Marian Camembert
  3. Tetrox Gorgonzola
  4. Vadelma Lappi

Boyfriends – refrainbow (Webcomic)

  1. Goth | Felix (Boyfriends – refrainbow)
  2. Jock | Kevin (Boyfriends – refrainbow)
  3. Nerd | Adrian (Boyfriends – refrainbow)
  4. Prep | Vincent (Boyfriends – refrainbow)

Camp Counselor Jason (Webcomic)

  1. Carrie White (Camp Counselor Jason)
  2. Jason Voorhees (Camp Counselor Jason)
  3. Pamela Voorhees (Camp Counselor Jason)

Covenant – explodikid (Webcomic)

  1. Ezra (Covenant)
  2. Father Aaron (Covenant)
  3. Hiram (Covenant)
  4. Samson (Covenant)

The Elduin and Donestan Chronicles (Webcomic) [NSFW]

  1. Donestan (The Elduin and Donestan Chronicles (Webcomic))
  2. Elduin (The Elduin and Donestan Chronicles (Webcomic))

Exorcism Academy (Webcomic)

  1. Al (Exorcism Academy)
  2. Ethan Flemming (Exorcism Academy)
  3. Malki Shiramizu (Exorcism Academy)

Fangs (Webcomic)

  1. Elsie (Fangs)
  2. Jimmy (Fangs)
  3. Worldbuilding (Fangs)

The Glass Scientists (Webcomic)

  1. Dr. Henry Jekyll (The Glass Scientists)
  2. Edward Hyde (The Glass Scientists)
  3. Rachel Pidgley
  4. Robert Lanyon (The Glass Scientists)

Gunnerkrigg Court

  1. Antimony Carver (Gunnerkrigg Court)
  2. Katerina Donlan (Gunnerkrigg Court)
  3. Loup (Gunnerkrigg Court)
  4. Boxbot (Gunnerkrigg Court)
  5. Coyote (Gunnerkrigg Court)
  6. Jeanne (Gunnerkrigg Court)
  7. Reynardine (Gunnerkrigg Court)
  8. Ysengrin (Gunnerkrigg Court)

Heartstopper (Webcomic)

  1. Charles “Charlie” Spring (Heartstopper)
  2. Nicholas “Nick” Nelson

Here U Are (Webcomic)

  1. Li Huan (Here U Are)
  2. Yu Yang (Here U Are)

How To Be A Werewolf (Webcomic)

  1. Ginger (How To Be A Werewolf)
  2. Elias Ross
  3. Malaya Dysangco Walters
  4. Marin Grundy
  5. Marisa Salcedo
  6. Vincent Dysangco Walters

I Like You (Webcomic)

  1. Alexander Sleeper (I Like You)
  2. Tlaloc (I Like You)

I Roved Out in Search of Truth & Love (Webcomic) [NSFW]

  1. Cinderella (I Roved Out)
  2. Maeryll (I Roved Out)
  3. Naga (I Roved Out)
  4. Worldbuilding (I Roved Out)

Kaminari (Fictional Manga) [comic-within-a-comic from Rain]

  1. Aneko (Kaminari (Fictional Manga))
  2. Genten (Kaminari (Fictional Manga))
  3. Kaminari (Kaminari (Fictional Manga))
  4. Rei (Kaminari (Fictional Manga))

Kill Six Billion Demons (Webcomic)

  1. Pree Aesma (Kill Six Billion Demons)
  2. Allison Ruth
  3. Cio (Kill Six Billions Demons)
  4. White Chain (Kill Six Billion Demons)

King’s Maker (Webcomic) [not all available for free]

  1. Dandelion Goldenleonard
  2. Shin Soohyuk
  3. Sys | Lord of Ulysses
  4. Wolfgang Goldenleonard

Lackadaisy (Webcomic)

  1. Ivy Pepper (Lackadaisy)
  2. Mitzi May
  3. Mordecai Heller
  4. Viktor Vasko

Leif & Thorn (Webcomic)

  1. Hawthorn Lavande (Leif & Thorn)
  2. Hazel Cherieshnya (Leif & Thorn)
  3. Hyacinth Lavande (Leif & Thorn)
  4. Kale (Leif & Thorn)
  5. Leif of Sønheim
  6. Thorn Estragon
  7. Woman in Black (Leif & Thorn)

Long Exposure (Webcomic)

  1. Worldbuilding (Long Exposure)
  2. Jonas Wagner
  3. Mitch Mueller

Lore Olympus (Webcomic)

  1. Worldbuilding (Lore Olympus)
  2. Apollo (Lore Olympus)
  3. Artemis (Lore Olympus)
  4. Daphne (Lore Olympus)
  5. Eros (Lore Olympus)
  6. Hades (Lore Olympus)
  7. Hecate (Lore Olympus)
  8. Hera (Lore Olympus)
  9. Hermes (Lore Olympus)
  10. Minthe (Lore Olympus)
  11. Persephone (Lore Olympus)
  12. Thanatos (Lore Olympus)

Love Advice from the Great Duke of Hell (Webcomic)

  1. Astaroth (Love Advice)
  2. Paul (Love Advice)

Mage & Demon Queen (Webcomic)

  1. Cerik Aldebrandt (Mage & Demon Queen)
  2. Malori Crowett (Mage & Demon Queen)
  3. Worldbuilding (Mage & Demon Queen)
  4. Leora (Mage & Demon Queen)
  5. Velverosa (Mage & Demon Queen)

Modest Medusa

  1. Jake Richmond (Modest Medusa)
  2. Marah (Modest Medusa)
  3. Modest (Modest Medusa)

The Narts: Ancient Sagas from the Caucasus (Webcomic) – Sylvan Migdal

  1. Batraz (Narts Webcomic)
  2. Qaydukh (Narts Webcomic)
  3. Setenaya (Narts Webcomic)
  4. Sozruquo (Narts Webcomic)

Nimona (Webcomic) [no longer available online]

  1. Ambrosius Goldenloin (Nimona (Webcomic))
  2. Ballister Blackheart (Nimona (Webcomic))
  3. Meredith Blitzmeyer (Nimona (Webcomic))
  4. Nimona (Nimona (Webcomic))

Nothing Special (Webcomic)

  1. Callie Benson (Nothing Special)
  2. Declan Hickey (Nothing Special)
  3. Lasser (Nothing Special)
  4. Radish (Nothing Special)

Oglaf (Webcomic) [NSFW]

  1. Greir (Oglaf)
  2. Navaan (Oglaf)
  3. Snow Queen (Oglaf)
  4. Vanka (Oglaf)

On a Sunbeam (Graphic Novel)

  1. Worldbuilding (On a Sunbeam)
  2. Alma (On a Sunbeam)
  3. Charlotte (On a Sunbeam)
  4. Mia (On a Sunbeam)

The Order of the Stick

  1. Blackwing (Order of the Stick)
  2. Durkon Thundershield
  3. Elan (Order of the Stick)
  4. Haley Starshine
  5. Redcloak (Order of the Stick)
  6. Roy Greenhilt
  7. Vaarsuvius (Order of the Stick)
  8. Xykon (Order of the Stick)

Questionable Content (Webcomic)

  1. Pintsize (Questionable Content)
  2. Shame Orb (Questionable Content)
  3. Yelling Bird (Questionable Content)
  4. Bubbles (Questionable Content)

Self Aware (Webcomic)

  1. Aspen Hanyuu
  2. Jordan Kai Mallory
  3. Kei the Clown
  4. Mell Carter

Sex Therapy (Web Comic) [NSFW]

  1. Andreas (Sex Therapy)
  2. Elliot Graham (Sex Therapy)
  3. Haruto (Sex Therapy)

Sir Butler and Boy – Tab Kimpton (Webcomic)

  1. Arthur Jefferson (Sir Butler and Boy)
  2. Edmund James Price (Sir Butler and Boy)
  3. John Hutchinson (Sir Butler and Boy)

Skin Horse (Webcomic)

  1. Artie | RT-5478 (Skin Horse)
  2. Nick Zerhakker (Skin Horse)
  3. Tip Wilkin (Skin Horse)
  4. Virginia Lee (Skin Horse)

Sleepless Domain (Webcomic)

  1. Kokoro Aichi | Heartful Punch
  2. Rue Bahia
  3. Tessa Quinn | Alchemical Aether
  4. Undine Wells | Alchemical Water
  5. Vedika | Mindful Eye
  6. Zoe Blecher

Stand Still Stay Silent

  1. Emil Västerström
  2. Lalli Hotakainen
  3. Mikkel Madsen
  4. Sigrun Eide

Strange Planet (Webcomic)

  1. Worldbuilding (Strange Planet (Webcomic))

SubZero (Webcomic)

  1. Aaron (SubZero)
  2. Kharis (SubZero)
  3. Nouren (SubZero)
  4. Reina (SubZero)

Sweetrock – Melanie Gillman (Webcomic)

  1. Giantess (Sweetrock)

Tale by the Rivershore (Webcomic)

  1. Blanche (Tale by the Rivershore)
  2. Merman (Tale by the Rivershore)

Truth or Dare – Youmy (Webcomic) [not all available for free]

  1. Ohn Saegye (Truth or Dare)
  2. Wee Jinsol (Truth or Dare)
  3. Worldbuilding (Truth or Dare – Youmy (Webcomic))

Villains Are Destined to Die (Webcomic) [not all available for free]

  1. Eckles (Villains Are Destined to Die)
  2. Penelope Eckart (Villains Are Destined to Die)
  3. Reynold Eckart (Villains Are Destined to Die)

The Weekly Roll (Webcomic)

  1. Grogna Goretusk (The Weeky Roll)
  2. Klara (The Weekly Roll)
  3. Sir Becket (The Weekly Roll)
  4. Torvald Sturlagsson (The Weekly Roll)
  5. Trevor Hazelbog (The Weekly Roll)

Wilde Life (Webcomic)

  1. Clifford Norman
  2. Kevin (Wilde Life)
  3. Oscar Wilde (Wilde Life)
  4. Sylvia Snyder

Winter Moon (Webcomic)

  1. Risa (Winter Moon)
  2. Florence (Winter Moon)
  3. Gideon (Winter Moon)

反派初始化 | Villain Initialization (Webcomic)

  1. Jiang Xiao (Villain Initialization)
  2. Qiao Yi (Villain Initialization)
  3. Ling Chen (Villain Initialization)
  4. Ye Zimu

顾事与你:值日300天 | The Story About You x Me (Webcomic)

  1. Gu Ze
  2. Ye Ruchuan

감금창고 | The Warehouse (Webcomic) [not all available for free]

  1. Jung Sungho (The Warehouse)
  2. Kim Dohyun (The Warehouse)

그 악녀를 조심하세요! | Beware of the Villainess! (Webcomic)

  1. Jake Foddebrat (Beware of the Villainess!)
  2. Melissa Foddebrat (Beware of the Villainess!)
  3. Yona Whitefall (Beware of the Villainess!)
  4. Yuri Elizabeth (Beware of the Villainess!)
  5. Nine (Beware of the Villainess!)

나 혼자만 레벨업 | Solo Leveling (Webcomic)

  1. Goto Ryuji
  2. Sung Jin-Woo
  3. Thomas Andre
  4. Woo Jin-Chul

너의 사랑에 대하여 | For Your Love (Webcomic) [English translation: The Shape Of Your Love]

  1. Lee Seonwoo (For Your Love)
  2. Jung Yohan
  3. Kwon Yuri (For Your Love)
  4. Park Moogyeong

달콤한 남자 | The Sweetest Man (Webcomic) [not all available for free]

  1. Ellian (Sweetest Man)
  2. Shim Gunchan (Sweetest Man)

방과 후 전쟁활동 | Duty After School (Webcomic)

  1. Cho Youngshin
  2. Noh Aeseol
  3. Woo Huirak
  4. Yeon Bora

상수리나무 아래 | Under the Oak Tree (Webcomic) [not all available for free]

  1. Maximilian Calypse
  2. Riftan Calypse

야화첩 | Painter of the Night (Webcomic) [not all available for free]

  1. Baek Nakyum
  2. Lee Jihwa
  3. Mumyeong | The Nameless One (Painter of the Night)
  4. Yoon Seungho

호형호제 | Our Companionship (Webcomic)

  1. Gwon Lee Gum | MightyMirae
  2. Lee Sang-hwa | idealize
  3. Su Ryuh Han

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