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Find Your Heartsword Type: the official quiz!

Find Your Heartsword Type: the official quiz! published on 23 Comments on Find Your Heartsword Type: the official quiz!

If you lived in the Leif & Thorn universe, what kind of heartsword would your soul manifest as?

Take this extremely scientific quiz and find out!

Then come back and share your results. Let’s see if my worldbuilding about “which types are common” and “which types are possible but rare” pans out IRL.

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I’ve taken the quiz twice, now. The first time I got Rapier, and the second time, I got backsword.

Not sure how I feel that I flipped from ‘sweet, sensitive, and attentive to detail’ to ‘cynic/pessimist, Practical and determined’ over the course of a month.

Co-workers have told me to my face that I am too generous with customer’s motivations, e.g. “They weren’t trying to shoplift; they legit forgot that bottle was in their pocket! if they really were trying to shoplift, it’d be hidden better.”
absolutely want a career that leaves me with plenty of time for my friends and loved ones.

vigilant about “how many ways things can go wrong at any time.” Yes.
“…conflict-avoidant, on the grounds of ‘if it’s so easy to fail, why bother?'” Ow.
On the flip-side, I generally don’t ‘scale back’, I just set it aside and do something I’m confident with, trying not to panic.

I love that if you answer that you picked the answers you think are the most impressive you get the ‘small sword’ the sword with few weilders because none can make it through heart sword training. I picked different answers and got Backsword, Saber, Broadsword then small sword.
Like backsword I work hard toward a straight foward goal- but if its to complicated I don’t bother.
Like saber I am super blunt.
As far as broadsword- I am not sure. The giving someone ley way because you are ‘allies’ is something I could see myself doing. As far as idealist- I’m lawful nuteral deontologic (Care more about getting my job done, than makeing the world a better place). I am a stickler for the letter of the law.

Backsword, very accurate to me and how I see myself, most of the canon characters who also have it are characters I already liked and very much identified with, and the non-canon fictional characters who’d also have it make sense to me.

I got Rapier, which definitely seems like it fits best out of all the options.

Then I took the quiz for a couple Homestuck characters, just for fun:

For Dirk Strider I got Saber, which fits him ridiculously well.

For Caliborn I got Axe, which I think makes sense, though Bonesaw might have worked too. (Taking the quiz “as” him was difficult in the first place, though, because he wouldn’t give a crap about most of these situations and half of the questions assume he has things like “friends” that he “cares” about. It was highly amusing imagining what Caliborn would act like if he got a book deal, though.)

Rapier, but several parts of it feel a poor fit. I’m not great at picking up others’ emotions unless I’m paying attention, and I’ve made a career in a high focus field. That, and several of my hobbies involve multi-year projects.

For myself personally I got backsword.

I don’t quite think it’s correct

I don’t really think i’m a pessimist nor cynical. I generally believe that things tend to turn out ok.

I’m very laid back and don’t really hold myself, nor others, to particularly high standards. My philosophy is, essentially, “don’t worry about the small stuff… It’s all small stuff “

I tend not to care much about other people because, largely, I expect them to take care of themselves and of each other… A care that others have largely failed to extend to me. That being said, if someone makes the effort to ask me for something, and it’s not money, I tend to make an attempt to provide it… it’s only polite.

@Erin for the villian question I have an answer to add. The curtain parts to reveal absolutely nothing, and the villian says” It’s nothing! You said that nothing could turn you to my side and here it is!”

And the beauty of that pun would force me to agree.

Backsword! Description seems approximately right. I tend to overthink personality quizzes. If you’d asked me to guess which Good Place character I’d share a heartsword type with, I would have picked Chidi, so backsword + Eleanor is interesting.

Broadsword here. While I’ve never seen myself as the hero type, I do kinda have a thing about helping/rescuing people whether they ask for it or not. (I try my best to respect boundaries but it’s hard to resist the urge to jump in and do the thing for them.)

I got backsword – which fits well except I do tend to beat myself up over perceived failures.
The question that got me thinking the most was the supervillain question; I answered ‘loved ones’ in part because I felt I had insufficient information. In the space laser / cancer cure situation, I would be forced to assess whether my cooperation here would save more lives than adherence to the villain’s plans would cost otherwise, and also what that says about their level of villain-ness in general. If it was, say, killing one corrupt executive versus millions being cured from cancer, I might even join from true adherence to the cause. But I can’t help but think that a truly evil supervillain would be able to bend my support into many more deaths than the bribe would prevent.
On the other hand, if it was my mother or my best friend – screw the general good, I’m saving them. (Also with the thought in mind that together we can find a way to free ourselves of / backstab the villain at a later date, and that any plan to defeat the villain would have a better chance of success with my _brilliant_ and _invincible_ loved one at my side.)
I think there might be an interesting boundary between backsword and longsword – in terms of pessimist overachievers – I am definitely on the backsword side myself but I have a friend who somehow seems like the hyped-up version of both. Also between backsword and dagger, in what happens when the cynicism gains the upper hand – and between dagger and longsword, in their uncompromising devotion to their stated goals. Maybe Dexie and Pascentia have more in common than they think?

Excellent spotting of the connections between some of the heartsword types!

I think there’s a substantial backsword-to-dagger gradient, and a substantial saber-to-longsword gradient. And you’re right to spot some parallels between daggers and longswords. Now, if Dexie and Pascentia can just develop enough of an honest relationship to find that out…

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