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The paywalled content is not a glitch, I am trying to sell you things on purpose!

The paywalled content is not a glitch, I am trying to sell you things on purpose! published on 3 Comments on The paywalled content is not a glitch, I am trying to sell you things on purpose!

A belated FAQ for the Leif & Thorn: Off-Shoots bonus comics.

The current bonus arc involves paint swatches, overzealous fans, and a couple of familiar-looking home-wreckers. The next one will explore modified magic Roombas and the perils of United Islands ice cream sales.

After that? Haven’t decided yet. But I’m going to have fun with it.

Q. Why does Leif & Thorn have bonus comics that are only for paying supporters?

A. Capitalism.

Seriously, your artist has to cover the bills. That’s why I have ads on the site, why I sell books and other merchandise, and why I post exclusive content for supporters on Patreon.

None of these make a ton of profit! Which is why I’m always working on new things to sell, hoping to tempt readers who haven’t bought anything before, but who are interested in the new thing.

Leif & Thorn: Off-Shoots is the latest New Thing.

Q. Are you paywalling the entire comic/site/archive?

A. No. The only paywalled comics are the bonus comics that were exclusive when I posted them.

The main Leif & Thorn comic is still completely free to read, and I don’t plan on ever changing that.

Q. When do the Off-Shoots comics get posted?

A. Every other Wednesday! Since the start of 2022.

Off-Shoots comics are scheduled to go up at 10 PM (US Eastern time), which puts them on the front page of the site for 2 hours, before getting replaced by the regular Thursday comic.

Q. So the bonus comics are supposed to show up on the front page?

A. Well, yeah.

Look, I want readers to be excited and intrigued by the Off-Shoots comics. Kinda defeats the purpose if I don’t show you that they exist, you know?

Q. When a bonus comic is up, how do I find the regular comics?

A. Every Off-Shoots comic has links for “First in Regular Archives” and “Latest in Regular Archives” in the navigation!

You can also browse the main (free) comic archives on the Storyline Archive page, which is always linked in the main menu.

Q. If I only read regular Leif & Thorn, am I going to be missing essential plot stuff in the Off-Shoots comics?

A. No. I wouldn’t be that mean.

You’re going to be missing fun bonus storylines, with a spotlight on characters and settings that I don’t get to showcase in the main comic as much as I’d like to.

They have more of the same humor, worldbuilding, and fun character moments you already like in the regular Leif & Thorn comics! But they’re not plot-essential.

Q. What if I don’t pay to see the bonus comics online…but I do pay to get the Leif & Thorn books?

A. The Off-Shoots comics will be collected in the print volumes!

You’ll have to be patient, though. They won’t start appearing until at least Volume 6, and we haven’t even crowdfunded Volume 5 yet. ETA: The first print Off-Shoots arc will actually appear in Volume 5!

If you don’t want to wait, $5-and-up Patreon supporters get immediate access to the full archive of bonus comics, including the new ones as soon as they get posted.

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I totally understand the intent of promoting the Off-Shoots content, but I’m not sure if the site layout is working as intended, at least not tonight, April 13.

You state that ‘Every Off-Shoots comic has links for “First in Regular Archives” and “Latest in Regular Archives” in the navigation!’ and that certainly works for the archived Off-Shoots comics, but on the main page the navigation has the regular looking First and Latest daggers. The daggers at the top of the comic direct to the main comic, from ‘First’ and from ‘Latest.’ However the daggers at the bottom of the comic direct to the Off-Shoots storyline, from ‘First’ and from the grayed out ‘Latest.’

If I manually navigate to for the latest offshoot, I see the ‘Regular Archives’ rose links top and bottom, it’s just the main page that has the inconsistent links.

Is this the intended navigation functionality from the main page or a fluke?

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