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Volume 5 project preview

Coming in October: Leif & Thorn Volume 5!

Coming in October: Leif & Thorn Volume 5! published on 2 Comments on Coming in October: Leif & Thorn Volume 5!

The next Leif & Thorn crowdfunding campaign is coming!

We’re launching in October, a little later than usual.

(…It’s a winter-themed book, so I guess we could push it to December, but I’m not waiting that long.)

Pixelated teaser for the cover of Volume 5

As usual, the comics for this book are 100% drawn already, so that wasn’t the hold-up. It was about checking out this year’s explosion of new Crowdfunding Platform Contenders.

A bunch of them look really good! Trouble is, they’re all (a) not quite up-to-speed in terms of features, or (b) doing a limited campaign schedule that’s already booked through 2023. And I’m not exactly Hiveworks or Iron Circus, big enough to just independently platform myself.

If Kickstarter had made any progress on their Definitely Still Happening Mystery Blockchain Project, I might take a hardline stance on avoiding them, no matter what project delays it caused…

But it’s been 10 solid months of nothing! So.

We’re doing Kickstarter for Volume 5. Keep an eye out for the project preview link, it’ll be dropping here soon.

(No guarantees what we’re doing for the next campaign. Give them another year to develop, who knows where all these platforms will be?)

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I wouldn’t be surprised if that “Definitely Still Happening Mystery Blockchain Project” would take forever to finish. I mean, calling it off would mean they made a mistake, but if it’s taking longer than expected, that’s ok …

Still wondering how many of people doing the decision understood the plan and how many were just confused by the buzzwords.

That seems depressingly likely, yeah.

Either that, or Kickstarter takes a page out of Ubisoft’s book and announces “oh, gosh, we weren’t *committed* to this mystery protocol, we were only ever in the research phase! We just phrased that very clumsily, in the form of saying we were committed to the mystery protocol.”

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