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Launch time for Volume 5: Lockdown Edition

Launch time for Volume 5: Lockdown Edition published on 3 Comments on Launch time for Volume 5: Lockdown Edition

Leif & Thorn Volume 5: Snow Drops is finally available for preorder!

It’s been a chaotic month over here. I hadn’t even finished the project video when I went ahead and launched the campaign. (The video’s up now! If you watch it, turn on the English-language captions — you’ll probably need them.)

The “print a single short run of a new book” cost keeps going up…but we’re still 59% funded in the first 24 hours, so I’m not worried.

ETA: and, 48 hours in, we landed Kickstarter’s Project We Love badge!

Go back the campaign, if you haven’t already — if you missed Volumes 1-4, you can get the whole backlist in a single order — and let’s add some cyan-blue to this lovely palette on your shelves.

(Hat tip to regular backer Strontium for taking this lovely photo!)

Volumes 1-4

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