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Roundup of webcomic news (good, gay) and AI news (heavy sigh)

Roundup of webcomic news (good, gay) and AI news (heavy sigh) published on 4 Comments on Roundup of webcomic news (good, gay) and AI news (heavy sigh)

A tournament to find the most obscure/unknown webcomic is running on Tumblr! An incredible place to trawl for putting new comics on To Read list.

1 like = 1 rec for a webcomic with major LGBTQ characters” on Mastodon is falling behind the Tumblr version. Go give it some shares, so I can put all the recs on both sites?

Finally did a big update to the Help, I Want To Start My Own Webcomic Site, How Do I Start guide. Now it has a bunch of references to Toocheke — which I haven’t actually used, so anyone who has, do please comment and tell us about it!

I’ve been invited to the closed beta of Crowdfunding by BackerKit! Not much on my creator profile yet, but more about Leif & Thorn Volume 6 will be there…soonish.

I’ve also been presented with a “fill your site with low-quality SEO-spam glurge articles faster by using an LLM” limited-trial feature. Now I just have to figure out the 20 funniest possible things to use it on.

…and, speaking of LLMs:

Me, queueing a Leif & Thorn where Coco yells at officials for replacing all their human staff with non-field-tested “AI” when lives are at stake, to post on May 8: “This is surely an exaggerated fantasy situation I am inventing as a cautionary tale, and not something that will literally go down IRL in the next 3 weeks.”

The next 3 weeks:


Did not want that to become a fulfilled prediction! Really hope this doesn’t become a trend. (Both the “putting people’s lives in the hands of chatbots” part, and the “hyperbolic comedy skeeviness coming true” part.)

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If 2016 onward has taught us anything, it’s that satire can no longer keep up with real life. I would love to live in less interesting times.

There is reason why it’s practically impossible to wrote comment so satirical people would realize it’s not meant seriously. And the reason is that there is almost certainly some comment online which is even worse but meant seriously.

Although I wonder why you said 2016.

I’m not saying firing human staff and let AI give advises with insufficient oversight is good idea, but I don’t think advises on eating disorders for five days are going to lead to significant number of deaths. Now, if it was suicide prevention …

10,200 deaths each year are the direct result of an eating disorder—that’s one death every 52 minutes.

There will probably never be a death that’s specifically linked to this chatbot on this one hotline. But “giving people inaccurate medical advice about their potentially-fatal disease” can absolutely lead to the deaths of those people. And even if you didn’t know it could be fatal (and didn’t think to double-check it before commenting about it), the people who ran a support hotline for that disease should have known it.

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