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Now available for Patreon supporters: Annual memberships

Now available for Patreon supporters: Annual memberships published on No Comments on Now available for Patreon supporters: Annual memberships

Readers can now choose to support Leif & Thorn on Patreon on a yearly basis, instead of month-to-month!

You get all the same bonus content, at a 15% discount from the regular rate. I get the security of a more stable monthly income, fewer transaction fees, and less risk of cards declining. Patreon gets fewer chances to screw up your payment, and therefore less bad press. Everybody wins.

Already a monthly supporter? Follow these steps if you want to switch:

  1. Log in, hover over your profile icon in the top right corner, and select Manage  memberships
  2. From your Active Memberships page, click Edit next to the membership you want to change
  3. Select the Annual option (if available) on the checkout page
  4. Click the Update button. You’ll be charged upfront for the discounted price

Just joining us? When you sign up on my Patreon page, there’s a “Pay annually” toggle above the list of tiers. Click it to see the savings.

Any other questions? Check out this help center article, they probably have the answers.

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