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Automating social-media preview images for your webcomic

Automating social-media preview images for your webcomic published on No Comments on Automating social-media preview images for your webcomic

A tip I wrote up for a recent @WebcomicTalk discussion on Mastodon, figured I’d share it here.

(This is part of the “how do I webcomic?” series, with useful information on all kinds of comicking-related topics.)

If you share links to your comic updates on most social media, they should automatically pull an image to go with the link. Maybe it’s the full comic page! Maybe it’s your website header image. Maybe it’s broken and nothing happens at all.

I use the Open Graph and Twitter Card Tags plugin to make sure that, not only do mine work, they look nice.

Screenshot of the settings I use (if they don’t mesh with your own Wordpress settings, play around until you find a combo that works):

OpenGraph settings

The plugin auto-generates a cropped preview of the comic. If there’s no comic for the specific URL being linked, this is the default image I told it to use instead:

Leif and Thorn cast image

(It’s the preview image for the Volume 1 crowdfunding campaign. Which means I made it back in 2018. Maybe I should update it one of these years…?)

Either way — whatever the basic image is, I made this transparent PNG to overlay on top of it, for consistent branding:

Transparent overlay

The nouveau swirly design is one of the decorative space-fillers I use in the Leif & Thorn paperback/ebook volumes.

Put it all together, and the auto-generated preview for, say, Magical Thorn Act 9 Page 4, looks like this!

Comic preview with overlay

Simple, easy, and functional! If you want your link previews to have that extra edge, give this a try.

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