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About Leif & Thorn

Dragonslaying hero Thorn Estragon has just barely recovered from all the burn scars when his team of knights is assigned to guard a foreign embassy. There, he quickly hits it off with Leif: an indentured gardener, paying off an ominously-unspecified debt.

Thorn doesn’t speak Leif’s language too well when they first meet — but he’s about to find a lot of reasons to learn.

…and while the slow-burn romance gathers fuel, he has time to cross paths with a bunch of other interesting people. Like the vampire aristocrats with long-term investment schemes, the secret agent so undercover that she’s literally unmemorable, the former Dark Magical Boy working on his redemption arc, his geologist sister’s pocket-size co-workers, or the greying, time-traveling, eyepatch-wearing version of himself.

A sparkly queer bilingual fantasy comedy. Our heroes struggle to communicate across cultural boundaries, deal with traumas and scars, use magic for practical solutions, and pick the perfect outfit for their Kolpovision Song Contest party.

Updates seven days a week: six strips, plus Saturday bonus art.

About the world

World mapYour comprehensive Leif & Thorn reference is Crystalpedia.

The wiki gets regularly updated with the reveal of new worldbuilding information. (Often via the Thorn Explains and Holly Explains info pages.) Look forward to tipping cultures, distribution of language families, wonders of the ancient world, and the in-universe record for largest cheese sculpture.

There’s a TVTropes entry for the series too, if you’re into that.

In-universe languages are represented by different fonts in the comic, and different colors in the transcripts. If you have Firefox or Chrome, you can easily modify the way the transcripts appear in your browser.

Ceannic (Ceanska) is in the font Mighty Zeo 2.0 (previously My Fair Cody). Sønska (Sønheic) is in Ale and Wenches BB. Tamaputian is in Ænigma Scrawl BRK, animal thoughts/vocalizations are in ArtBrush, and background music is in ToneDeaf BB.

About the artist

Leif & Thorn is entirely produced by Erin Ptah, who can also be found on Deviantart, Tumblr, Twitter, a personal blog, and Patreon.

All caught up on Leif & Thorn, and looking for something else to read? Start with But I’m A Cat Person. (Then browse the recommendations.)

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