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Sketchbook: Secret Ocean Sunset

Sketchbook: Secret Ocean Sunset published on No Comments on Sketchbook: Secret Ocean Sunset

Leif & Thorn prompts for #OTPober: Kale/Delphinium, handholding on holiday.

Another beach scene. Maybe Kale got a pass to go on vacation, as long as he had an agent tagging along to supervise? And then it worked out well for both of them.

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Fluid layout

All layouts are responsive, but some are more responsive than others

All layouts are responsive, but some are more responsive than others published on 12 Comments on All layouts are responsive, but some are more responsive than others

Update, Sunday (2/21) afternoon: Pushed a new version with a maximum width set on the desktop layout, and a “no cropping the comic with a horizontal scrollbar” set on the mobile layout. (Might take some time for the last update to cycle through the cache, so if you don’t see it yet, just wait.)

After a round of “we like indexing sites that adapt to multiple device sizes” prodding from Google, I did some tweaking to make the Leif & Thorn layout more responsive.

Out with the fixed-width central column! In with the fluid self-adjusting divs. Long may they reign.

Also: there was already a mobile layout, but now your phone should actually load the mobile layout.

Mobile layout

Which…may or may not actually be better for users, no matter what Google’s automated guidelines say.

So how’s it working for you? If specific features are giving people trouble, it’s pretty easy to finesse them into something more functional.

Comment on this post and/or vote in the poll to give feedback:

Leif & Thorn's mobile layout should now actually work on mobile! (Use your browser's "View Desktop Site" option, if available, to switch back.) How do you feel about it?
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And yes, I did decide to upend the Leif & Thorn layout on the exact same weekend as I launched the But I’m A Cat Person: Master’s Edition Kickstarter.

Master's Edition logo

Because I’m a sucker for punishment, apparently.

(No, seriously, the campaign is off to a great start. While I finish shipping the latest round of Leif & Thorn paperbacks, don’t miss your chance to pick up Even More Books.)

Kale in Lockdown, part 6

Kale in Lockdown, part 6 published on 18 Comments on Kale in Lockdown, part 6

Get your vaccines, everyone.

In less-viral news: The long-awaited But I’m A Cat Person omnibus Kickstarter is here!

It’s going to be a big fancy 3-book boxset. I have a plan, I have a detailed budget, I have 3 years’ worth of Printing Stuff experience (thank you Leif & Thorn readers), I have a bunch of beautiful digital mockups. Come join in.

Master's Edition

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Sketchbook: Eclipse and Sunshine Boy

Sketchbook: Eclipse and Sunshine Boy published on 5 Comments on Sketchbook: Eclipse and Sunshine Boy

Leif & Thorn prompts for #OTPober: Leif/Kale, late-night costumes.

Starring Kale as the grim-and-gritty superhero Eclipse…and Leif as his new sidekick Sunshine Boy, who chose a much brighter and sexier costume.

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