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Kudzu Roots 9/35

Kudzu Roots 9/35 published on 16 Comments on Kudzu Roots 9/35

Different perspectives:

Thorn: “I’m surprised these ideas were fueled by a company, instead of just being random silliness”

Kale: “Yeah, it is surprising that these ideas were fueled by a company, instead of being true”

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International Singalong

International Singalong published on 12 Comments on International Singalong

Now that Elisa’s gone, I need to actually design other servants to fill out the background…

Comic speedpaint, including the start of this strip:

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Books, books, beautiful books

Books, books, beautiful books published on No Comments on Books, books, beautiful books

The print copies of Leif & Thorn Volume 2 have arrived!

(Seen here under the glow of my new rose-tree lamp. Turns out that’s a thing, so obviously I had to have one.)

The post on the Kickstarter campaign has more info for all the backers who preordered Volume 2 then.

If you missed it, now is finally your chance to order Volume 2 via Gumroad (those books will be shipped once all the Kickstarter rewards are fulfilled), or get the Volume 2 ebook (those are instantly available to download!).

For that last one, you might want to join the mailing list first — I’m gonna be sending them a coupon.

Kudzu Roots 8/35

Kudzu Roots 8/35 published on 20 Comments on Kudzu Roots 8/35

Good news for all you calendar fans out there: I updated the timeline on the Leif & Thorn wiki with actual years! Did a lot of reading about real-world epochs, finally settled on how both Ceannis and Sønheim would determine their “year 0.”

And just in time for all this new pre-canon backstory to be unveiled, too…

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