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Sketchbook: Fashion Goth Girls

Sketchbook: Fashion Goth Girls published on 2 Comments on Sketchbook: Fashion Goth Girls

Contrasting styles of Hyacinth and Hazel. Hyacinth feels great in a backless top and a skirt slit most of the way up the thigh; Hazel is still a little dubious about this “short sleeves” concept.

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Family Deserts 28/33

Family Deserts 28/33 published on 24 Comments on Family Deserts 28/33

PSA: because the world is kind of a mess right now, and a lot of people are in worse financial straits than I am, I’ve paused Patreon charges for the month of April.

New patrons during that month will still be charged upfront, but if you’re an existing patron before April 1, your bill on that date will be skipped.

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Thorn Explains: Failure to Communicate

Thorn Explains: Failure to Communicate published on 10 Comments on Thorn Explains: Failure to Communicate

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Sketchbook: My Antisocial Neighbor…

Sketchbook: My Antisocial Neighbor… published on 5 Comments on Sketchbook: My Antisocial Neighbor…

Really wanted to draw something for Leif & Thorn in the style of a light novel series. Complete with the absurdly-long basically-a-summary descriptive title.

So on that note, I give you: “My Antisocial Neighbor Unexpectedly Turned Out to be a Dark Magical Boy in Undercover Rehab!”

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