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Homecoming 11/24

Homecoming 11/24 published on 2 Comments on Homecoming 11/24

Leif isn’t thinking the Sønska word for “thorn”; he’s thinking a phonetic version of the Ceannic one. It sounds something like “Thawn” or “Thoan”. Listen to this video on Norwegian vowels (starting around 1:07) to hear a long “å” out loud.

(In Ceannic, the languages are called “Ceannic” and “Sonheic”. In Sønska, they’re “Sønska” and “Ceanska”.)

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Follow that strip!

Follow that strip! published on No Comments on Follow that strip!

You can tell this strip has really settled in now, because there are half a dozen different ways from all across the Internet to get your Leif & Thorn fix.

To bookmark your place in the archive and get updates for every new strip, add Leif & Thorn on ComicRocket! Or follow the RSS feed via your favorite RSS reader — for example, Dreamwidth.

To get the heads-up every time a new storyline starts, plus blog updates and special Sunday strips, like Leif & Thorn on Facebook. You can get all that plus other updates from the artist, including But I’m A Cat Person updates, by following @ErinPtah on Twitter.

And for a regular infusion of sparkly fantasy dramedy art, follow the official Leif & Thorn tumblr! It all gets posted on Deviantart first, so track the Leif & Thorn folder for the latest, or follow ErinPtah to get art of all kinds.

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