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Saturday Sketchbook: Team and family

Saturday Sketchbook: Team and family published on 2 Comments on Saturday Sketchbook: Team and family

Mostly-final designs. (Fun game: count the details that have been changed! For instance, Violet being shorter than Thorn and Juniper? No more.)

All these characters use the mainstream naming scheme, even though they belong to multiple ethnicities, some of which are minorities in Ceannis. Some time later on we’ll get to storylines with characters who have the in-universe version of “ethnic names.”

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Saturday Sketchbook: Homecoming

Saturday Sketchbook: Homecoming published on 1 Comment on Saturday Sketchbook: Homecoming

New feature: since I’m not doing anything else here on Saturdays, they’re going to be filled with art. Some fancy illustrations, some sketches and early designs.

Starting with a long shot of the capitol city of Ceannis. They no longer have an active wall around the whole thing, though. As per a suggestion from SmallAustrianVillage, all they have left is sections of wall inside the city’s modern-day borders, ringing the oldest and most historic parts of the city.

(Including the castle! Which is now a museum. A lot of these countries have moved past monarchies, too.)

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