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Character Profiles List

Extended profiles are all on the wiki:

Ceannis KnightsMagesTeam RelativesHistoricalOther Ceannic characters
Sønheim Embassy StaffVampiresOther Sønska characters
Other TamaputiansOther Characters

Title characters

Leif of Sønheim
Embassy gardener with a debt he doesn't like to talk about. Slowly coming to trust Thorn's feelings. Skills include singing, patriotism, and doublethink. (wiki profile) (appearances)

Thorn Estragon
Knight, dragonslayer (with the burn scars to prove it), national hero, cat person. Learning Sønska mostly so he can communicate with Leif. Broadsword. (wiki profile) (appearances)

Future Thorn
Scruffy, eyepatch-wearing, Sønska-fluent, time traveler. Purpose unknown. (wiki profile) (appearances)

Adorable and excellent cat. She has a therapeutic soulbond with Thorn, and can see through the fourth wall. (wiki profile) (appearances)

From Ceannis:


Juniper Sel
Knight, second-in-command, agender. They like practical solutions, and can't stand show tunes. Backsword. (wiki profile) (appearances)
Violet Dupont
Knight, strategist, deadpan snarker, avid bookworm. Best friend/housemate of Rowan, who she’s known since they were teens. Broadsword. (wiki profile) (appearances)
Rowan Muscade
Knight, childhood trauma survivor, MCLIS fan. He's flirty enough to bring lots of guys home, but too pedantic to keep them until breakfast. BFF of Violet. Saber. (wiki profile) (appearances)
Birch Persil
Knight, amputee (his right knee down is a cool magic prosthetic), cinnamon roll. Married to Annie. Rapier. (wiki profile) (appearances)
Pascentia Zikos
Knight, polyglot, overachiever (she's a little compulsive about it). Younger sister of Dexie. Longsword. (wiki profile) (appearances)
Quince Malina
New teammate post-dragon. Quiet, shy, great Kolpovision cosplay. Rapier. (wiki profile) (appearances)
Senna L’hysope
New teammate post-dragon. Illness survivor, collector. Broadsword. (wiki profile) (appearances)
Kokum Hooper
New teammate post-dragon. Smug, cynical, casual. Backsword. (wiki profile) (appearances)
Agent Delphinium
Glamorous trans monster hunter. Her specialty is vampires. Almost remembers working with the Woman in Black. (wiki profile) (appearances)
The Woman in Black you remember this character? She had some job. And...a face. Probably. (wiki profile) (appearances)
Agent D10
Fabulous nonbinary monster hunter. Their specialty is dark magical girls. Married to, and murderously protective of, Hermosa. (wiki profile) (appearances)
Marula Sheaver
Ex-knight, quit Thorn's team post-dragon, playfully sadistic. Bone saw. (wiki profile) (appearances)
Geranium “Gerri” Sureau
High-ranking Chalice knight. Trained Thorn and others. Saber. (wiki profile) (appearances)
Artemesia “Artie” Carver
Knight, reincarnation of the famous Artemisia. Broadsword. (wiki profile) (appearances)

Magical Girls (boys, men, women, etc…)

Holly Cerise
Teenage magical overachiever. Smart, driven, image-conscious. Star mage who works with Thorn's knights as an independent study project. (wiki profile) (appearances)
Ivy Muscade
Teenage magical fangirl. Squeefully obsessed with Sønheim culture & aesthetics, hot women, and all things cute. Water mage with chart-topping power levels. (wiki profile) (appearances)
Laurel Cerise
Nature mage, crisis manager, Holly's mother. Fallon is her bird. Faceblind, but she never forgets a costume. (wiki profile) (appearances)
Ebony Muscade
Nature mage, State Department liaison to Sønheim. Ivy's father and Laurel's long-time friend. (wiki profile)
Atarangi Neineikura
Fire mage, plural, Tamaputian, added to Thorn's team. She likes rules and schedules. (wiki profile) (appearances)
goldenrod dinya
Goldenrod Dinya
Fire mage, mind-control-resistant. Kale's handler. (wiki profile) (appearances)
Magnolia Persil
Fire mage, Minister of Prophecy. She's powerful but cautious. (wiki profile) (appearances)
heath cornouiller
Heath Cornouiller
Water mage, severe, former crisis team leader. Ivy's grandfather. (wiki profile) (appearances)
Fire mage, ex-miner, EMPHATIC SPEAKER. Dad of two small children. (wiki profile) (appearances)
Cedar Oseille
Triple threat: singer, actor, nature mage. Child actor turned teen heartthrob and Leachtric star; pushed to suppress his powers for the sake of his career. (wiki profile) (appearances)
Kudzu Carvi
Dark magical boy with formidable mind-control powers. Formerly in service of Northwind Prismaceuticals. (wiki profile) (appearances)
Alfhild Ølsten
Magical girl, inspiration for an MCLIS episode. Felt her portrayal wasn't threatening enough. (wiki profile) (appearances)
Long-runner mage with mysterious time powers. (wiki profile) (appearances)


Tansy Lavande
Thorn's sister, several years older, mom via IVF. Geologist who likes polyamory and sci-fi comedies. (wiki profile) (appearances)
Larch Lavande
Thorn's brother-in-law, husband of Tansy. Choir director, likes wrestling and being no-contact with his parents. (wiki profile) (appearances)
Hyacinth Lavande
Thorn's tall goth niece. Likes darkness and violence in her fiction, but goes hard for social justice IRL. Crush on Hazel. (wiki profile) (appearances)
Hawthorn Lavande
Thorn’s young serious-minded nephew. Likes routines, historical miniatures, safe quiet spaces. (wiki profile) (appearances)
Clover Estragon
One of Thorn's moms, deceased. Navy vet, manic entrepreneur. (wiki profile) (appearances)

Plum Estragon
One of Thorn's moms, retired. Former pop singer. (wiki profile) (appearances)
Rhododendron “Rhodey” Muscade
Little brother of Rowan, twin of Rosie. Costume designer and conspiracy theorist. (wiki profile) (appearances)
Rosemary “Rosie” Muscade
Little sister of Rowan, twin of Rhodey. Costume designer, fan of untested medical treatments. (wiki profile) (appearances)
Anise Persil
Miner, Birch's wife, tattooed, overly polite. Diarmad is her dog. (wiki profile) (appearances)
Hermosa Zikos
Vet surgeon turned undercover agent, badly injured in the Kudzu incident. Dexie's brilliant and beloved husband. (wiki profile) (appearances)
Kallie Neineikura
Tiny adventurous kinkster and Crystagram influencer. Atarangi's "sister" (it's complicated). (wiki profile) (appearances)
Kiki Neineikura
Tiny high-energy teenager and amateur artist. Atarangi's "sister". (wiki profile) (appearances)

Others from Ceannis

Olive Romarin
President of Ceannis, long-runner, pie enthusiast. (wiki profile) (appearances)
Kale Romarin
Translator, prickly, sarcastic, always in sunglasses and long sleeves. Will tell you he killed a bunch of people. Recovering from a cultlike upbringing with the help of a soulbonded dog, Niamh, and a lot of therapy. (wiki profile) (appearances)
Hedge & Grassie
Hedge & Grassie are legendary commedienne wives, dapper Iuilic butch and dotty logic-bending femme respectively. Stars of an early crystal-broadcast sitcom. (wiki profile) (appearances: Hedge, Grassie)
Archarius “Archie” Stavros
Head writer and showrunner of MCLIS. Accidental friend of Rowan. (wiki profile) (appearances)
Bennet Amande
Extremely important journalist with award-eligible broadcast. (wiki profile) (appearances)
blush noisette
Blush Noisette Duval
Long-runner, currently stuck as a small child. (wiki profile) (appearances)
dr. glazier
Dr. Helichrysum Glazier
Medical spelltech researcher, formerly at Northwind Prismaceuticals. (wiki profile) (appearances)
Angelica Thatcher
Elegant, jealous goth teen. Friend of Hyacinth. (wiki profile) (appearances)
Vine Fenouil
Morose, peacemaking goth teen. Friend of Hyacinth. (wiki profile) (appearances)
Hazel Cherieshnya
Dapper, artistic goth teen. Magic-resistant chronic illness. Friend of Hyacinth. (wiki profile) (appearances)
Legendary: Rhódon
Semi-mythical founder of Ceannis. Broadsword, "the Blossoming Sword." (wiki profile) (appearances)
Historical: Leachtric
Reincarnation of Rhódon, founder of Ceannic democracy, subject of a hit musical. Broadsword. (wiki profile) (appearances)

From Sønheim:

Embassy staff

Servant, bunkmate and friend of Leif's, deceptively quiet. She's planning something. (wiki profile) (appearances)
Captain Sigrún Storre
Stoic winged crack-shot Captain of the Embassy guards. She likes musicals and tiny things. (wiki profile) (appearances)
Manager Ludolf Andersson
Manager and chief emotional manipulator of Leif and the other servants. (wiki profile) (appearances)
Servant, sign-language fluent thanks to one of her dads. Likes baked goods and cute shoes. (wiki profile) (appearances)
Geirölul “Lulen” Lilblomma
Guard, crack shot, Holger Saga fan. Former servant, and she's totally well-adjusted about it. (wiki profile) (appearances)
Róta Loptfreyr
Cocky and impatient guard. Her heart's in the right place. (wiki profile) (appearances)
Alruna Haetta
Stern and suspicious guard. Ze speaks the best Ceannic of the team. (wiki profile) (appearances)
Brynhildr Gyllenhallr
Large and bashful guard. Scar on her cheek/ear. (wiki profile) (appearances)
Ambassador Beringar
Head diplomat from Sønheim to Ceannis. (wiki profile) (appearances)
Sven Nibelungsen
Culture Minister, fully bilingual, single dad of Iona and Ragnild. Likes women who can bench-press him. (wiki profile) (appearances)
Sigvard Blixt
Embassy tech support. Did not train to be a spymaster, but here we are. (wiki profile) (appearances)


Lady Stanczia
Vampire royalty, one of the oldest at 900+ years, only remaining speaker of her native language. Imri is her hot young trophy husband. (wiki profile) (appearances)
Lord Imri
Vampire royalty, 200+ years old, Stanczia's financial analyst until she married him. Trans, fan of shapeshifting and melodramatic YA. (wiki profile) (appearances)

Others from Sønheim

Iona Nibelungsen
Quiet, determined, resistant to memory magic, twin of Ragnild. Small legs, so she uses a floating chair. (wiki profile) (appearances)
Ragnild Nibelungsen
Loud, protective, schoolwork-averse twin of Iona. Ketil is her pet ferret. (wiki profile) (appearances)
Vampire servants
Expendable staff of Stanczia and Imri. In order by hair color. (wiki profile) (appearances)
Valrún of Pottersfield
Imprisoned for a crime she says she didn't commit. Seen only in flashback. (wiki profile) (appearances)
Astrid Rødlund
Author of the beloved Holger Saga. Makes increasingly bad public statements about vampires. (wiki profile) (appearances)
Manager Ingrid
Rocky Rapids Guest Lodge manager, Leif's first owner. (wiki profile) (appearances)
Legendary: Queen Szélanya
Historical winged warrior-queen and Sønheim founder. (wiki profile) (appearances)

From Tamapoa:

Kahutaroa “Kahu” Wairua
Biologist, special interest in island biosecurity. (wiki profile) (appearances)
Matatuhi “Mata” Kaihanga
Engineer, husband of Pato, chatty enough for both of them. (wiki profile) (appearances)
Patotara “Pato” Kaihanga
Engineer, communicates in writing or sign, husband of Mata. (wiki profile) (appearances)

Or dive into this complete list of tags to find everyone’s appearances:

Acai, Acorn, Agent D10, Agent Delphinium, Alfhild Ølsten, Alruna Haetta, Altissimo, Ambassador Beringar, Angelica Thatcher, Annie Persil, Annie's dog, Archie Stavros, Arnulf, Artemisia, Artie Carver, Ash Muscade, Astrid Rødlund, Atarangi Neineikura, Balsam Harper, Bell Estragon, Bennet Amande, Birch Persil, Birch's family, Bjarte Sonderkranz, Blandfordia Monarde, Blush Noisette Duval, Bramble, Brea, Briony, Brynhildr Gyllenhallr, Cadenza, Caelan, Calyx Carvi, Caoimhe, Captain Sigrún Storre, Cardamine Amande, cats, Cedar Oseille, Chestnut, Clover Estragon, Coco Cannelle, Cress Fenouil, Cymbeline Dupont, Damask, Dark Mistress, Deliveryman, Dr. Helichrysum Glazier, Ebony Muscade, Edith, Elisa of Sønheim, Elisa's family, Embassy guards, Fallon, Florian Amande, Foxglove Vossmark, Future Thorn, Geirölul "Lulen" Lilblomma, Gentian Cornouiller, Geranium Sureau, Gil Dumas, Ginger Santal, Gloriosa Lavande, Goldenrod Dinya, Grandma Mulberry, Grassie Amande, Hawthorn Lavande, Hazel Cherieshnya, Hazel's family, Heath Cornouiller, Hedge Dubois, hellhound, Hermosa Zikos, Hestia, Hibiscus La Val, Hibiscus Monarde, Holly Cerise, Hyacinth Lavande, Ice Cream Wives, important lobbyists, Iona Nibelungsen, Ivy Muscade, Jasmine Menthe, Jasmine Sel, Jonquil Sel, Juniper Sel, Kahu Wairua, Kale Romarin, Kallie Neineikura, Katya of Sønheim, Ketil, Kiki Neineikura, knightly students, Kokum Hooper, Kolpovision contestants, Kudzu Carvi, Kudzu's family, Laceleaf L'hysope, Laceleaf's stalker, Lady Stanczia, Larch Lavande, Laurel Cerise, Leachtric, Leachtric actors, Leachtric's allies, Leif of Sønheim, Leif's parents, Lepida Clemens, Linden Lavande, Little White-Haired Girl, Little White-Haired Girl's Parents, Longan Persil, Lord Imri, Ludolf Andersson, Lupine Lavande, Lynwood Merdhuile, Magical Thorn, Magnolia Persil, Manager Ingrid, Manager Marjolaine, Marula Boatman, Marula Sheaver, Matatuhi Kaihanga, MCLIS cast, mine families, mine site personnel, miscellaneous deities, miscellaneous guests/attendees, miscellaneous mages, miscellaneous medics, miscellaneous pedestrians, miscellaneous police, miscellaneous security guards, miscellaneous staff/employees, Mistel, MLM reps, Moss, Ms. Riisgård, Nasturtium Amande, Niamh, Nigella Badiane, Northwind reps, Oleander Lavande, Olive Romarin, Opera Chairwoman, Paikea Mawhai, Palmeti, Pania Kaitangata, Pascentia Zikos, past partners, Patotara Kaihanga, Patrik Gagarr, Peach Pescher-Argyros, Peony Romarin, Petal, Pine Dulac, Plum Estragon, Plumber, Pond Thing Neineikura, Quince Malina, Ragnagord, Ragnild Nibelungsen, Ralph Magnusson, Ramtil, Rhododendron Muscade, Rhódon, Rocky Rapids staff, Rosie Muscade, Róta Loptfreyr, Rowan Muscade, Rowan's dates, Rowan's family, Rue Després-Sel, Russet Raifort, Sandy Neineikura, secret agents, Senator Lysidice Argyros, Senna L'hysope, Sepal, Sigvard Blixt, Space Mage, spirits, Sugar Pommier, Summerfest crowd, Sven Nibelungsen, Sveta Sonderkranz, Szélanya, Tansy Lavande, Telga, The Wyrm of Ruraidh, Therapist, Thorn Estragon, Thorne Raifort, Tiernan, Tilda of Sønheim, Torsten of Sønheim, Turion, unicorn, unicorn fangirl, Unidentified Lawyer, Valrún of Pottersfield, Vampire servants, vampires, Vi Fenouil, Vine Fenouil, Violet Dupont, Violet's family, Weather Control, winterfox, Woman in Black, Zinnia Muscade

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