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2021 in Leif and Thorn

2021 in Leif and Thorn published on 5 Comments on 2021 in Leif and Thorn

Again, the comic got all my Art Energy this year. So here’s one panel per month, from the last year’s worth of Leif & Thorn.

2021 sure was the year of “characters making daring escapes” and “Leif having a bad time.”

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I had left a comment recommending that a tag be created for year in review pages like this, and perhaps even wallpapers. It included links to the 2020 year in review and all of the wallpaper comics, but the comment appears to have disappeared. Was it auto-moderated as probably spam for containing too many links, or being too link-dense?

Nevermind, it’s back. Weird internet cache thing maybe, or PEBCAK. Wouldn’t be the first time.

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