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4Koma in Black 3/7: It’s Handled

4Koma in Black 3/7: It’s Handled published on 8 Comments on 4Koma in Black 3/7: It’s Handled

Kale: I’ve never seen you before . . . but you know my handler, you’re familiar with my case . . . and you seem awfully comfortable telling me what to do . . .

Are you Acai?

WiB: Do I look like Acai?

Kale: . . .

Is that a trick question or

WiB: She’s like a foot shorter than I am!

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Is it wrong that I get slightly more susprcious of Kale everytime I remember/am reminded that he has a ‘handler’? Make my mind think that he is/was a wet work (assasination) speciallist and that being a translator is just his day/cover job.

It’s just how an agent or a network would refer to the person in charge. Given how many dialects of Sonska there are he’s probably used to decipher transmissions and intercepts coming out of the country so other spooks can figure out what’s going on.

The more suspicious part is that agent networks are typically deployed in foreign nations. If Ceannis’ national counter-intelligence branch works via cell structure, that’s a radical departure from what our world would consider conventional.

Something also struck me as I just hit post, this is the head of the hunters. Posts like that are usually administrative in nature and require incredible delegation of responsibilities, so that implies that either the order is only the size of three people, or that this mother hubbard is so incredibly important that his translation cover is thinner than a silk negligee.

She’s not the head of the hunters, just an agent with particular specialized duties. (It would be hard to lead a group where most of your subordinates can’t remember that you exist…)

And the cell-based format of a counter-intelligence unit?

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